May 24, 2024

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Carolina Ferraz comanda o Domingo Espetacular com Edu Ribeiro (Foto: Reprodução)

Carolina Ferraz-Record invades and confirms the worst with a Gustavo plane

Carolina Ferraz and Edo Ribeiro lead the Sunday Spectacular

Carolina Ferraz and Edo Ribeiro hastily entered the Record schedule with Domingo Espitacular highlights. Edir Macedo’s online magazine is broadcast on Sunday nights, as is Fantástico on Globo.

By the way, the Domingo Espetacular duo has an unusual tone in front of the cameras and behind the scenes. Once the program started, Carolina Ferraz started talking about the controversy involving Gustavo Lima. It responds to the paternity recognition process.

The 32-year-old singer is accused of giving birth to a 17-year-old daughter. After the teen’s mother sued Gustavo Lima, she decided to take a DNA test, despite citing many inconsistencies in the procedure the woman is promoting. In addition, another moment caught my attention.

In connection with the report, an excerpt from the interview that Gustavo Lima had with Leo Dias was shown. By the way, it was talked about the singer’s new plane worth 250 million Brazilian riyals, which accommodates a total of 16 passengers. In this, Sertanejo said he was afraid of his former plane.

“From Petrolina to Goiania on the old plane I was nervous. I think there was a wing failure and that whole air system, that flung the plane in and out, broke something very expensive. The masks fell off, we had to go down and we couldn’t see a hand in front of you, it was The atmosphere is tense,” he famously said.

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Carolina Ferraz, for example, had an exclusive conversation with Arthur de Val. The state deputy traveled to Ukraine on the pretext of helping the country in a state of war. But during his stay in the country, the politician sent audio commenting on the beauty of Ukrainian women and claiming that the aspect is “easy”.

In addition, they returned to address the war situation in Ukraine. It turns out that Roberto Cabrini is closely following the Russian attacks. The journalist, in order to have a small dimension, spoke to a Brazilian who is part of the army of the country that Russia attacked.


Even with the consolidation of Domingo Espetacular as Ibope’s deputy command, Record decided to initiate a reworking of the program and to make a significant change to the program introduced by Carolina Ferraz and Eduardo Ribeiro.

According to what Na Teleha revealed, the Sunday news program has a new director, CEO Celso Teixeira, who was responsible for liaising with the channel.

With the new leadership, Carolina Ferraz and Edo Ribeiro aim to get to bigger flights and get closer and closer to Fantastic, which is one of the toughest missions.

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It has also been reported that the paraphrasing will reduce the time for Domingo Espetacular’s reporting, as channel management has come to understand that articles that are too long make the viewer uninterested.

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