October 1, 2023

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At Um Lugar ao Sol, Barbara gets angry when she sees Erica in the pool: 'Maid' TV News

At Um Lugar ao Sol, Barbara gets angry when she sees Erica in the pool: ‘Maid’ TV News

barbaric (Aline Moraes) will make a show of prejudice when she sees Erica (Fernanda de Freitas) and Luan (Miguel Schmid) in the pool of Santiago (José de Abreu) ​​in place in the sun. Little Patricia will revolt and demand satisfaction from the businessman, who will not take over the girl’s relationship with the younger girl. “She’s a maid in that house,” Dondoka will say on her 9:00 p.m. soap opera on Globo.

In this Tuesday (21st) class, she was a woman Christian / Renato (Cauã Reymond) is arriving on a trip and going to the Redentor owner’s mansion. There, you will see her father enjoying his sunny day with his personal trainer and her son. The rich woman will ask, “What is this? What is going on?”.

The executive will try to get over the situation, but he won’t stand his romantic daughter. The fake writer will say, “I’m worried about your mental health. Being human is one thing, it’s another to lose your sense of limit completely.”

Play / TV Globo

Erica and Santiago enjoy swimming together

“Taking advantage of the fact that everyone is together, I want to make it clear. Yes, because you will see that I am the one who does not understand. Erica Is she a maid or a worker in this house or…sorry, but I’ve never seen a Mercedes before [Angela Figueiredo], the gardener, the driver who wears swimming trunks at the pool,” the spoiler would add.

Given the situation and silence SantiagoErica will pick up her things and leave the mansion with Luanne. The manager will look to Christian for advice on how to proceed with his daughter.

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