September 28, 2023

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Lance de São Paulo e Corinthians no último Paulistão

Globo suffered huge losses in the sport in 2020 and 2021 – Prisma

Using only market action and what started to take shape in the second half of last year, he says here that a lot will change in the sports rights space throughout 2021.

And that’s exactly what happened.

It all started in August of last year, when Globo surprised the market by breaching the “Libertadores” broadcasting contract with Conmebol. Unilateral termination, because the parties did not reach an agreement to renegotiate the values.

Less than a month later, SBT announced the purchase of the contest until 2023.

It just didn’t stop there.

Earlier this year, the squad closed Formula 1 and registration, then stayed in Rio State. And now, in addition to Carioca, she has also decided to buy Paulistau, just as Band surprised the market with the Club World Cup.

A movement that would have been impossible to imagine two or three years ago, when everything was in the hands of Globo. Even events that were never broadcast.

But, on the other hand, sports are also certainly more important in the lives of all open TVs.

specific times

Football Record, from Jan 26th. Already set their schedules.

On Sundays, games are broadcast from 4pm and 9:30pm on Wednesday nights.

and money

Market sources, including other broadcaster managers, revealed that the purchase of the Band for the Club World Cup did not cost less than $2 million.

In today’s dollars, that’s over 11 million Brazilian reals. The band, after consulting them, does not say the amount, but says it is less than that.

It is worth saying

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The Club World Cup will be held from February 3-12, and the main attractions will be Brazil’s Palmeiras and England’s Chelsea.

The translation of everything leads us to understand that regardless of the exact amount, a competent information plan will be required to pay this bill.

on purpose

Among these many sports movements on TV throughout 2021, SBT launched Cicinho as a participant in Benjamin Buck’s “SBT Arena”.

It worked very well. It is one of the attractions and one of the program’s biggest successes.


Cautious, SBT Trend has been following the news and understands that it is only natural that Globo wants to take back the rights to the Libertadores at the end of the decade, in December of next year.

But he promises to fight a lot for it. Between February and March, this feud will begin to heat up.

I’m about to arrive

The production of “Faustão na Band” the year of work, which participated in the first recording, will end on the sixth day.

There are a lot of things organized, but the program, being daily, will also work with realism and realism.


The recordings of “Poliana Moça” were well submitted on SBT. Even with the restrictions imposed, especially at the beginning, good progress could have been made.

It will likely premiere in late March or early April, with a very relaxing interface of seasons.


“Reis”, the next bible for a record, is also with its well-accelerated production and what has facilitated a lot is the experience of Argentine director Juan Pablo Perez in this type of work.

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His debut, now at the start of the year, would provide plenty of slack or a very relaxing introduction to the seasons.

another stage

Globo has finished recording “Pantanal” in Aquidauana (MS) and will now focus its work on the studios.

However, a return to the Midwest is not yet ruled out, but will also depend on weather conditions.


It won’t be due to a lack of calls that Thiago Levert will be away from TV for that long.

Since announcing his departure from Globo until now, there have been many inquiries and attempts at negotiation.

Signed site

At the same time, from the moment he made the decision to step down, Levert took a very cautious attitude. and respectable.

He decided not to pursue any of the conversation attempts, preferring to do so only after his engagement with Globo ended at the end of this year.


Walcyr Carrasco’s return to TV series, with a spot in line at 9 p.m., confirmed on Globo.

In addition to continuing “Secret Facts,” the upcoming season, third, is on Globoplay.

small models

The show “The Thirteenth Farm” ended last week, but it still generated comments.

It is curious that in addition to the costumes of Adriane Galisteu, carefully selected during the season, party costumes are also highly praised. Perhaps it was the best so far.

hit – hit

• Gabriel Satter, son of Almir Satir, also signed in “Pantanal”, for the cast of the series.

• And Globo, using the name telenovela, is already trying to negotiate “Pantanal” with other countries.

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• “Maid” from Netflix is ​​a series we recommend.

• The song “On Vacation with the Ex” by MTV was a novelty, and among fans of this genre, it occupied its space …

• … but there was also a “rio shore”, with the same recipe and ingredients …

• … not for nothing, but the desire to win public opinion by exploiting sugar is not enough.

• Viviane Araújo is indeed one of the confirmed facts of the Salghero Carnival …

• …if you have a carnival of course.

• Daniel Wenitz was also starred in the follow-up movie “Avassaladoras” for Disney +.

• Narrator Eduardo Monsanto, a former ESPN, was in the band. Everything will be fine soon.

• On Rede TV! Next Friday, at 9:30 am, the Christmas special of “Vou Te Contar” by Claudette Troiano will highlight some highlights of Espírito Santo.