July 20, 2024

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Banco Inter allows “conversion” to stocks in the US and launches BDRs

Banco Inter allows “conversion” to stocks in the US and launches BDRs

Banco Inter is in the final stages of transferring all of its shares to the US Stock Exchange. Check out the changes!

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Last day of trading in the company’s shares Interbank On the Brazilian Stock Exchange it was Friday (17) and Monday (20) financial technology It debuted on the US stock market full of news for its investors.

Now, Inter shares here in Brazil have been converted into BDRs, which are assets that represent US stocks. The first day on the US stock market was positive, with BDRs closing 1.92% higher at R$21.20 on Monday.

Banco Inter allows conversion into shares in the US

Another new announcement by Banco Inter is that on Wednesday (22) shareholders who received Deposit and Bonds Deposit notes, they can, at any time, request to convert their BDRs into Banco Inter Class A Shares (INTR) in the US.

However, in order to transfer BDRs, the shareholder must have a valid account with a US stockbroker. Only in this way will it be possible to allocate the shares to be “exchanged” in BDRs.

The big difference between the BDR and the stock is that, previously, you did not have all the rights of the shareholder, such as, for example, the right to receive dividends from the company. This guarantee only follows the change of stock in its international exchange.

Why Banco Inter switched to the US stock exchange?

Banco Inter wants to be in a more straightforward environment, which has a greater opportunity to reach a more diverse investor base, particularly in terms of institutional investors. This was with this in mind that, months ago, it was nubank Make the same choice.

Another goal for Inter when it rolls over its shares to the US Stock Exchange is to strengthen its position as a global technology company. Finally, on the American Stock Exchange, Inter will have access to the most developed capital markets.

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