June 20, 2024

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Bank shares drop after approval of the Chamber's investor relations reform;  OceanPact up 5% after agreement with Petrobras

Bank shares drop after approval of the Chamber’s investor relations reform; OceanPact up 5% after agreement with Petrobras

São Paulo – Unlike the last sessions, the actions of Vale (VALE3) and steelmakers had a relatively quiet start to trading on Thursday (2).

On the other hand, shares of banks such as Itaú (ITUB4), the Bank of Brazil (BBAS3), Bradsko (BBDC4and Santander BrazilSan B 11) lies between 2% and 4%. The papers reflect, as well as other sectors, approval of the basic text of the income tax reform in the House (see more click here).

In the case of banks, a decrease of 15% to 14% was identified in the rate of social contribution on net income (CSLL), lower than expectations of 1.5%.

The International Relations Proposal Report was amended by Celso Sabino (PSDB-PA) and passed 397 votes to 77. The main directions for reform remain: the establishment of a profit tax, and the reduction of the corporate and individual income tax. Interest on equity (JCP) has been amortized in the proposal.

ELET3;ELET6). The day before, the Senate also approved changes to health plans for state-owned companies.

In the economic zone accounts, the shift could affect: R$387.4 million in Caixa/CEF; 274.5 million Rls in Petrobras; 267.4 million Rls in BB; 219.9 million Rls at the Post Office (ECT); 182.2 million R$ in Eletrobras and 69.2 million R$ in Serpro. know more click here.

On the plus side, off-index, OceanPact (OPCT3) provided about 5% after concluding four contracts with Petrobras, two for chartering RSV vessels and two for providing ROV services on ships. Petrobras shares opened with losses but turned into gains in the wake of higher oil prices, with major Brent and West Texas Intermediate contracts rising more than 2%.

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Check out the highlights:

Petrobras reported Thursday that it is assessing the financial implications of the change on the company’s cost-sharing for employee health plans, which had been approved the day before by legislative decree from the Senate.

The company did not disclose the values, but in the explanatory notes to the balance sheet for the fourth quarter of 2020, it recognized a gain of R$13 billion that helped drive profits for that period and is now reversible, given the new. A rule approved by the Senate.

Wednesday night, and The Senate approved a decree suspending CGPAR Resolution No. 23, The standard, which has been in effect since January 26, 2018 and set, among other topics, guidelines and criteria for funding federal state-owned companies on employee health care benefits.

Under the decree, 60%/40% of the cost of the health plan, paid by the company and employees, respectively, will be maintained and will remain for the duration of the existing collective agreement or until further modification between the two parties, Petrobras said.

In the negotiation of the 2020-2022 Collective Agreement, the health plan cost percentage was changed from 70% of expenses covered by the company and 30% by primary beneficiaries to 60%/40% (the company and employees), effective January 1 of this year.

OceanPact (OPCT3)

OceanPact has announced that it has entered into four contracts with Petrobras (PETR3;PETR4), two to charter RSV vessels and two to provide ROV services on vessels.

“The consolidated accumulation for each group of vessels and ROV service is, respectively, 387.5 million R$ and 405.9 million R$, representing 59.7% and 59.4% in dollar terms,” the statement read.

Vittia stock made its B3 debut on Thursday, after each asset was priced at R$8.60 in a restricted offering. The company operates in the field of biological defenses and special fertilizers.

The IPO moved R$359 million, with about 15% of that amount going to cash, with the aim of implementing strategic acquisitions.

Electricity transmission company Taesa started, on Wednesday, the operation of the Janaúba transmission project, which connects the northeast, which broke records for wind and solar power generation, and the southeast, the main center of electricity consumption in the country, according to the national agency. .Electric power (ANEL).

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The opening, nearly six months ahead of schedule, comes at an important time to bolster the resilience of the system, while the government works to ensure the country’s energy supply, given the biggest crisis in more than 90 years in hydroelectric reservoirs, the country’s main generator.

The project connects the states of Minas Gerais and Bahia with an extension of 542 km of the line. The project consists of transmission lines from Bom Jesus da Lapa (BA) – Janaúba (MG) and Janaúba-Pirapora (MG), both 500 kV, and three 500 kV substations distributed in each of the cities.

Electric Omega Energia has entered into an agreement with the Heineken Group to implement renewable generation assets in the Northeast, with the goal of providing electricity to provide 100% of the consumption of 13 breweries and nine distribution centers in Brazil, the company said Wednesday.

According to Omega Energia, which signed the agreement through Omega Desenvolvimento, the process should reduce 270,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. The contract provides for a provision of energy for ten years.

On Wednesday, the food company BRF, through its subsidiary BRF Pet, concluded the acquisition of pet food companies Mogiana Alimentos and Grupo Hercosul for 1.35 billion Brazilian reals, according to a related fact.

The BRF disclosed the operations at the end of June, but without giving details of the amounts involved. The company will have a share of about 10% in the “pet food” market in Brazil, which is the second largest country in terms of sales in this segment in the world.

Cora Health (KRSA3)

CoraSide reports that Ilha do Boi Participações, a subsidiary of the company, has entered into an agreement to buy and sell stakes to acquire at least 75% of the shares representing the share capital of Angiocardis.

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The purchase price is R$ 7.1 million, i.e. R$ 5.6 million at the end of the operation and R$ 1.5 million within 5 years.

Clinical Oncology (ONCO3)

Oncoclínicas has completed the purchase of the entire Brazilian Center for Radiotherapy and Oncology, CEBROM. The stipulated amount was R$190.5 million, with synergistic estimates of R$25 million for 2022.

“This acquisition represents an important step forward for Grupo Oncoclínicas in its strategy to enhance the clinical oncology market in the midwest region of Brazil,” the company said.

Qualicorp (3 . quality)

Qualicorp has reported that it has been approved by the National Health Agency (ANS) for the partial offer of Qualicorp Administradora.

pay less (PGMN3)

The drugstore chain Pague Menos has informed its (projection) directive to open stores, with an expectation of 80 new units, a number that will reach 120 by the end of 2022.

According to the company, the forecast is based on its expansion strategy, financial capacity and ability to acquire attractive business positions, but there may be a change in perception or in the mentioned factors, which leads to a change in expectations.

BrasilAgro (AGRO3)

BrasilAgro, a company engaged in the purchase and sale of rural real estate as well as in agricultural production, recorded a 277% jump in net income for the fourth quarter of the 2020/21 harvest season, to R$127.9 million, buoyed by the good moment. Of the prices that cross the sector despite the failure of crops due to bad weather.

The company, which operates in Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia, said it is entering the new crop year 2021/2022 “ready to take advantage of the exchange rate situation and commodity prices. According to BrasilAgro, with current costs, “we hope that the good level of profitability will be maintained in the operation also for 2021.” /22″.

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