June 20, 2024

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Banks will return billions of reais to Brazilians, to see if you get it

Banks will return billions of reais to Brazilians, to see if you get it

About 24 million Brazilians in all regions of the country will get about 8 billion Brazilian reais, forgotten in banking institutions, according to the Central Bank (BC). The news made so many people seek reference to these values ​​that the consultation platform ended up working offline.

It should be noted that the amounts that millions of Brazilians are entitled to are amounts from incorrectly made fees or even from the remnants of old closed accounts that can no longer be referenced.

How does this receiving system work?

The so-called System of Receivable Values ​​(SVR), the name given by the central bank, was launched on January 24, but increased access caused instability and the collapse of the central bank’s website.

Through the Central Bank website, the SVR can be accessed, which makes it possible to consult the remaining resources in the accounts of individuals (CPF) and legal entities (CNPJ), facilitating the process of refunds.

Thus, through the system, every citizen is able to check and determine the available balance in closed accounts, loan installments, unnecessarily charged fees, and even other resources that are not normally sought after closing consortium groups.

How to inquire about the amounts owed

Before getting into how the advisory will be conducted, it is necessary to note that the advisory and values ​​system will only function again from February 14, according to a note from the central bank.

Transfer requests for amounts that may be available for pickup can be scheduled as of March 7.

So here’s how to do the query that goes back on February 14th:

  1. Go to the BC website and select the option “my financial life“;
  2. Then go to “Amounts Receivable”;
  3. Click “Review receivables report”;
  4. Start counseling and report to CPF or CNPJ;
  5. If you have values ​​to receive, this will appear on the screen;
  6. If there are values, you will need to access a file registered, so you know which bank the money is in.
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Steps to edit values

Of the total R$8 billion that Brazilians should receive, in the first phase of service, R$3.9 billion will be returned to more than 24 million individuals and companies. From this amount of the first stage is coming from:

  • Closed checking or savings accounts with available balance;
  • incorrectly charged fees, installments or obligations related to credit operations, provided that the return is provided within the commitment period that the bank signs with the Central Bank;
  • equity shares and the allocation of net surpluses to beneficiaries and participants in credit unions; and unsolicited resources related to the consortium’s expiring groups.

The remaining R$4.1 billion will be saved over the course of the year as a result of:

  • incorrectly charged fees, installments or obligations related to credit operations, stipulated or not provided for in the term of the obligation with the BC;
  • Closed and prepaid postpaid accounts with available balance;
  • Registration accounts maintained by brokers and securities dealers are closed with an available balance; And
  • Other cases involving amounts to be returned are recognized by the institutions.