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The schedule for the withdrawal of the new FGTS Anniversary in 2022

The schedule for the withdrawal of the new FGTS Anniversary in 2022

Schedule for new FGTS Anniversary recall in 2022, last year, 9.8 million new workers joined birthday loot From the Termination Compensation Fund (FGTS) – the method of withdrawing part of the resources from the annual fund, in the month of birth. Interested parties can apply and get it in 2022. See below for Evaluation.

According to Caixa, since January 2021, the annual withdrawal has reached R$17.7 billion, including amounts transferred to financial institutions due to the contracting, by some workers, of loans using Saque-Aniversário as collateral.

Watch the withdrawal calendar for 2022:

born in januaryWithdrawals from January to March

born in february Withdrawals from February to April

Born in March Withdrawals from March to May

born in april Withdrawals from April to June

born in may Withdrawals from May to July

born in june Withdrawals from June to August

born in july Withdrawals from July to September

born in August Withdrawals from August to October

born in september Withdrawals from September to November

born in october Withdrawals from October to December

born in november Draws from November 2022 to January 2023

born in december Draws from December 2022 to February 2023

Method rules

Choosing this system is not mandatory. The method, established by Law 13.932/2019 commencing in April 2020, is an alternative to terminate the withdrawal. Anyone who commits to a Christmas withdrawal loses the right to withdraw the total balance of their FGTS account upon expulsion, albeit without just cause. Therefore, if you are fired, you receive only a fine of 40% over the amount deposited by your employer.

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In the case of withdrawal, immigration takes place only after two years from the date of joining. For example: A person who chooses to withdraw on their birthday in January 2022 and later regrets that they will not be able to return to withdraw until February 2024.

How do you join?

In order to be entitled to withdraw on Christmas, it is necessary to choose this method through the channels provided by Caixa: the FGTS application, the website, Internet banking or Caixa branches.

According to Caixa’s calculations, more than 1.3 million workers will be entitled to withdraw in January 2022, which is equivalent to about R$ 1.9 billion, also taking into account the amounts transferred due to the expected withdrawal.