September 29, 2023

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BBB 22: At a party, Giseilan pushed Gustavo and the audience demanded that his sister be expelled;  look at the moment

BBB 22: At a party, Giseilan pushed Gustavo and the audience demanded that his sister be expelled; look at the moment

Tangara da Serra, April 10, Written by Nariel Pereira – the name of the Jiseilan Gives what we’re talking about Sunday morning. The teacher has been accused of allegedly assaulting the participant Gustav. Check out more information here on .’s website The Prime Minister’s Diaries.

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In short, during a moment the BBB party was going on, Jiseilan He had an unexpected situation. Trapped with an ass, he pushed Gustavo who was sitting at the moment. However, some Internet users point out that this type of behavior is not allowed inside the most guarded house in Brazil.. Therefore, according to the audience, this may result in a file Sister expelled. Watch the video of the moment below.

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Giseilan tells what happened to Arthur Aguiar; “Just go out to gossip.”

pre , Jessilane admitted that he caught Arthur Aguiar while jumping this morning at the BBB house. In this sense, in a conversation with Eliezer and Lyn de QuebradaThe teacher revealed to her friends that she caught the actor listening to a conversation between them Lena and Gustavo at the party.

“Yesterday I was paying attention to a few things at the party. Because the boys keep saying that I’m a gossip, that I pay attention to other people’s things. But strangely yesterday, I was paying attention to who was listening to other people’s conversations,” said Jesse.

In this regard, Jiseilan She continues, saying that while she was dancing in the back of the floor, she looked and saw Eli Talking to Arthur Agyar. although, Jesse He revealed that he noticed that by the time the actor was with him Elie, At the same time he was focusing on the conversation Lena with Gustavo. Finally, end the conversation, says the geography teacher.

“If we weren’t like this, things would happen here and we would only appear as gossip in history.”

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