June 23, 2024

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On BBB 22, Jessilane points out the falsehood in kisses from Eli and Natália: TV news 'appropriate'

On BBB 22, Jessilane points out the falsehood in kisses from Eli and Natália: TV news ‘appropriate’

Giselean Alves Accused Eliezer Netto of dishonesty in the relationship with Natalia Deodato In the BBB 22. On this Monday (7), the teacher realized that some positions of the businessman are comfortable, just so as not to give a negative image, in addition to noticing his “unwilling” kisses. nail designer Bought a public fight because of this case.

“Sometimes, I felt like he would reciprocate at certain times because it was convenient. She would come in, kiss him in front of everyone, and he would end up kissing, but in my head I didn’t feel like that, you know?”, she asked. He agreed, “It’s pressure, isn’t it?” Lyn da Quebrada.

The singer also told her friend about A conversation I had with Pedro Scobe This morning. The surfer revealed his displeasure that Natalia put him in a public position on mass voting.

“I’d also be careful, not to put it down [Scooby] Together with everyone else because it really seems, I think, that he doesn’t move with the boys. He also has priorities here [quarto grunge] And the priorities in the other room [lollipop]. He even said that if all of this happened before, it had nothing to do with voting for you,” Lin said.

“Ah, but it had to happen. I’m not angry, I’m not upset with him. I’m sad because I’m at the wall,” Giseilan stated.

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