September 25, 2023

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BBB22: Arthur gets angry and promises revenge on his brother: 'There will be a surprise'

BBB22: Arthur gets angry and promises revenge on his brother: ‘There will be a surprise’

A fire in the stadium? In the secret room, Arthur Aguiar is disturbed by his rival’s letters and promises to take revenge on his brother; a look

the brother Arthur Agyar Follows with eyes wide open the conversation Gustavo About the game of discord and did not fail to respond to the lines of the previous glass house. With a history of beef in the house, he promised to return with a “surprise” for his law degree.

In the secret room, husband Mira Cardi I saw the guy from Parana comment that Monday’s dynamics is the only time the bounds are entitled to go off without production cuts.

“I’ve always said here that the discord game is the only chance we have to take the mic and talk. And it’s a risk, because you can say something good or take a risk and end up throwing everything down the drain” and Quoted in conversation with Pedro Scooby.

It turned out that Arthur did not like one thing and fired: “But who said this first I, and not you, was it, Gustavo?”. At another time, a law graduate with a surfer speculated about the possibility of the actor returning to the conflict and promised Arthur to take revenge on his rival:

“Yes, Gustavão. It will happen, brother. Who said? It’s up to Boss, my brother. You will be very surprised when I come back, Gustavão”, shooting.

Fatal error

Sister Jesse killed the charade and found out that the BBB22 wall was a lie. In the early hours of Wednesday (6), Lin da Quibrada raised the prospect in conversation with the trapped. “What if it’s fake?”She said. But the production made a huge mistake. Suspicious, Jesse went to the board at the gym and noticed that Arthur Aguiar’s avatar was still there.

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Straight from the secret room, actor Arthur Aguiar took revenge on the house and cut off the water supply at dawn on Wednesday (6). Once he noticed that one of the sisters was washing herself in the bathroom sink, he realized the audience wanted him to cause it.

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