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BBB22: Brother of Natalia Pins: 'He loves to please for the sake of benefit'

BBB22: Brother of Natalia Pins: ‘He loves to please for the sake of benefit’

After the angel test in BBB22And the Natalia To the test leader this week, in conversation with Eliezer. On Saturday night (19), in the outside area of ​​the house, she commented that she believed one of her fellow custody mates liked to please the other brothers for the benefit.

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The sister comments that she will not give up leadership, remembering that Lucas And the Arthur Agyar They won the leader’s test together, but they had to unanimously decide who would be the leader and who would get 10 thousand riyals.

The complete nail designer: “But, like, I understand too Lucas. I think that Lucas He also loves to please, you know? Even to stay here.”.

Eliezerthen says: “Just two days ago, he came into the lollipop room and said, ‘Now you choose my side, I’m with you.’ We’ll see.”.

Natalia He goes on to say what he would do if he won the race and had to decide who would take the lead: I keep saying, ‘I could even make the deal, but the important person he chooses is me’.

The designer comments that Lucas will even move into the polypop room and the sister continues: Therefore, I see that he likes to please in order to benefit, which is not wrong, but I think it should be done very carefully.”.

Voting: Which sibling will be nominated by Arthur on the ninth wall of BBB22?

After four walls and three angels, Arthur Agyar Finally become a leader In the BBB22. Now, he must put his strategies into action and signal a sibling immediately without any chance of objecting to the back and forth race. Who do you think will be chosen or chosen?

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