September 22, 2023

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Bbb22 Jade Larissa Douglas

BBB22: Douglas Silva mocks Larissa’s potential interest in Paulo Andre, Jade Bacon confronts his sister; Watch

Another night of partying “BBB 22”…and this time, there was no shortage of pins in the air! Douglas Silva He left Larissa Too busy this morning (20), after a joke you shared and Paulo Andre. late at night, Jade Bacon He also faced Pernambuco. At the end of the party, Casa de Vidro’s sister gave a different version of the story, questioning the general manager’s speech.

Days after Larissa admitted that she admired Paolo Andre, the audience – and the brothers themselves – doubted her sister’s position. During the party, Douglas joked about it with tiktoker. “I’ll get a pa before you!”The actor joked. “before?”Larry is back. “before you”Repeat artist. “Tribal?”She was surprised. “Oh, he’s looking at me.”Silva added.

In another situation, Jade, who is also suspicious of Larissa’s positions, was uncomfortable with the appearance of her colleague. “What news, Larissa, are you looking at me with that face?”, she asked. The Pernambuco woman was embarrassed and tried to explain herself: “Friend, because it makes me want to laugh when I look at you”. But the competitor Arthur Agyar Doubt followed. “Why do you want to laugh when you look at me?”Bacon insisted.

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Larissa blamed the looks on Jade’s way. “Because you doubt your desire to laugh and continue to control yourself, I can’t stand it.”, she claimed. However, Bacon was not satisfied. “because?”asked again. But the Pernambuco woman offered no other explanations. “because it’s funny”reinforced.

Later, when she was already in her room, Larissa thought about the events and Douglas’ joke. She got a flea behind her ear after the actor said he’d be with Paolo before her. in conversation with laisThe young woman thought so Lyn da Quebrada It may reveal its old “interest” in the Palestinian Authority.

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“It must have been Lena who spoke [para o Douglas]. Because I said at the jade party. I got drunk and said, “Lena, I made a video outside saying I’m going to stay with Paolo Andre.” In this interview. But, logically, after I went in and approached Jade and created her great affection and friendship, I wouldn’t mess with her, because I’m not an eye-opener. And it would be very naughty to me if I did that.”In her words, according to Patricia Cogot, a journalist for the newspaper “O Globo”.

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At another time, Larissa had even understood that Douglas was instigating this rapprochement with PA: “If the general manager thought I would be against Jade for the PA, he was wrong… I’m not fighting for men”. In turn, Laiss was worried about hearing this version of the story. “Tell Jade this, she thinks he’s cute (…) Does he want to put everyone in the room against everyone else?”Note the doctor.

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Indirect or not, even the party’s playlist made fun of him! during the morning, Attractive He responded to the requests of the audience and played the funk “Talarica”. In recent days, Larissa has earned the nickname “Talarissa” on social media, precisely because of the viewers’ view of her attitudes towards Paolo Andre, while the player is engaged with Jade. jeez!