October 2, 2023

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BBB22: Pedro Scobey says Eli didn't take over Natália: "Now do you want to charge?"

BBB22: Pedro Scobey says Eli didn’t take over Natália: “Now do you want to charge?”

After an outbreak and confusion at home, a surfer comments the designer’s position and says Ellie never imagined Natalia

Always firm in his stance, surfer Pedro Scooby position criticized Eliezer After the “outbreak” after taking the punishment given by Natalia at BBB22 Discord Game.

“Then I thought this was wrong and all, but I understood Nat’s thinking. It’s understandable, there were reasons”fired into a conversation with Gustavo.

The businessman remembers receiving another blow from his sister last week. “Less than a week later I put it on Krecher. He’ll think it’s worth nothing.”

Scooby Then the counter. “I’m not defending her, but the kid up until then never bought the reprimand of being with her and now he wants to charge?” , He said.

Gustavo says his point is correct. “She bought it when she needed it. She said she wouldn’t vote for me and she did. To save him.”

crying crisis

sister NataliaHe suffered a crying crisis at BBB22 in the early hours of Tuesday (12) after confusion with Eliezer After the discord game. “I’m not emotional anymore. At the time when I’m really bad, when I need someone so much, I need support so much…does it happen?”She said.

The manicurist, who was walled off about to walk out of the house, said the reaction was exaggerated.“I was hoping he’d act differently, from the bottom of my heart. I didn’t expect him to act this way. I was hoping he would at least listen to me.”She said crying.