May 29, 2024

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BC server outage affects Pix maintenance

BC server outage affects Pix maintenance

The disruption of the central bank servers, which since the end of 2021 have been pressing the government to increase salaries, is already affecting a series of disclosures and services provided by the institution. With a portion of employees crossing their arms daily, from 2pm to 6pm, BC had to adopt a contingency plan so that systems like Pix – the Brazilian instant payment service – could continue to operate normally.

According to Sinal (National Union of Central Bank Employees), the risks of problems in various BC systems – not just Pix – are greater. interrogated by UOLBC declined to comment.

Sinal’s president, Fábio Faiad, says that with servers down, systems monitoring has often moved from one square to another.

Systems must be monitored by servers. The staff is monitoring that, if something happens, anyone can intervene. This observation was made, in some cases, in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, but had to be moved to Brasilia.
Fabio Fayyad, President of Senal

Fayyad says there is monitoring, for example, of the system associated with the Pix keys. According to him, work last week was on an emergency basis.

“This kind of thing scares the market and can generate operational risks for the central bank,” he says. “And in another case, observe the suspect’s report [Sistema de Transferência de Reservas] He was transferred from São Paulo to Brasilia.”

According to BC itself, the STR is a kind of “heart” of the SPB (Brazilian Propulsion System). Through it, money transfers are settled and processed. When someone pays the bill with a card in a bakery, for example, processing is done via STR.

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Delayed disclosures

In addition to being obligated to adopt contingency plans in monitoring systems, the World Trade Center was obligated to delay a series of market disclosures of indicators and information.

The release of the Focus Bulletin, which provides a compilation of financial market forecasts for a series of economic indicators, late Monday (21).

The daily ptax release – the exchange rate calculated by BC – has also been delayed. Data on the dollar’s inflows and outflows from Brazil (exchange flow), which is usually released at 2:30 pm on Wednesday, was also delayed last week.

Threatening to be beaten

BC servers should meet on Monday (28th) to Decide whether to strike On the salary increase, if the agreement is not signed.

Currently , BC analyst salaries range from R$ 19,197.06 to R$ 27,369.67.

Since the end of 2021, British Columbia employees have been lobbying the government to increase salaries. The movement started following the announcement made by the President in December Jair Bolsonarothat the government could promote the amendments for specific categories – in this case, for federal police personnel.

According to Fayyad, the union does not accept salary readjustment for police officers only.