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Central Bank: See the new receivable table - 03/25/2022 - Market

Central Bank: See the new receivable table – 03/25/2022 – Market

The central bank will change the way Paying forgotten money into bankswhich is launched through receivable system. From Monday (28), those who have not yet made their withdrawal will have new deadlines and a new withdrawal calendar.

Payment will be made from March 28 to April 16. The issue will continue to be released according to the citizen’s birthday or the opening date of the company, but from now on, there will be a full day to get the funds. Previously, this was just a specific time on a day set by the central bank.

See the new table of receivables

Year of Birth Today you will receive
Until 1947 March 28
1948 to 1954 March 29
1955 to 1959 March 30
1960 to 1963 March 31
From 1964 to 1967 April 1
From 1968 to 1971 April 4
From 1972 to 1975 April 5th
1976 to 1979 April 6
1980 to 1981 April 7
1982 to 1983 April 8
1984 to 1985 April 11
1986 to 1988 April 12
1989 to 1992 April 13
1993 to 1997 April 14
1988 onwards April 15

On Saturdays in April, the second, the ninth and the sixteenth, a citizen will be able to make the summary, if he does not withdraw the sums on the date specified for the year or year in which he opened his company.

According to the Central Bank, after the end of this new appointment cycle, from April 17, there will be a new reformulation of the system. The period of changes will last until the beginning of May. From the second, there will be a new opening of consultations.

Among the changes that will take effect in May is the end of the money transfer schedule. “Citizens can request a refund at the time of the first consultation,” says the monetary authority.

In this new phase, it is possible that those who previously made refunds will be able to access forgotten values ​​\u200b\u200bin banks for other reasons. “Even those who have already recovered their resources and who did not have receivables in the first stage should review the system again, as the data will be updated and there may be new resources,” the bank explains.

What will be released in the second phase:

  • Amounts from closed checking or savings accounts with available balance
  • Fees, installments or obligations related to credit operations that are incorrectly collected, provided that the return is provided within the term of a commitment signed by the bank with the BC
  • Equity shares and the allocation of net surpluses to beneficiaries and participants in credit unions
  • Unsolicited appeals relating to expiring consortium groups.

Nearly 3 million have made withdraw values

According to the balance sheet of the Central Bank, as of last Thursday (24), 2.9 million individuals and companies had requested the recovery of receivables, amounting to 245.8 million Brazilian riyals.

Among the individuals who requested a refund, 2.5 million requested transfers through Pix, for a total of 205 million R$, while 328,947 preferred to receive funds in another way and communicate with financial institutions, for a total of 34.3 million R$.

Among the legal entities, 5113 requested refunds through Pix. They recovered 5 million Brazilian riyals. There were 1,059 representatives of companies that preferred another method of payment and contacted banking institutions to receive 1.3 million R$.

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