September 25, 2023

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'Beyond Illusion': Hluisa will make a decision after Duffy's reveal |  Come to me around - come

‘Beyond Illusion’: Hluisa will make a decision after Duffy’s reveal | Come to me around – come

hallelucia (Paloma Duarte) You will find the “Wanted” sticker with a face David (Rafael Vitti) He will confront the boy to find out the truth about him. And she will have the truth! we next chapters in “behind the illusion“, Aunt Isadora (Larissa ManuelaNot only will he know everything about the wizard’s past, but he will also confirm the suspicion and make a decision after the discovery. Want to see what happens? Of course we will help you here!

Heloisa goes to David’s house with the poster in her hands, and he’ll have nowhere to run. The wizard will tell you everything that happened to him, including the fact that he was killed Elisa (Larissa Manuela).

Heluisa asks: “Tell me, boy, who are you, what did you come here to do, what do you want with my niece, with my family? You after revenge, is that it?”.

Heluisa (Paloma Duarte) with a poster of Davy (Rafael Vetti) in “Beyond Illusion” – Photo: Globo

David will tell Heloise to calm down, and she will be very nervous:

“I am not after revenge, I am after justice. And I didn’t kill Elisa. The one who killed her was her father, Dr. Matthias…”David will reveal.

Davy (Rafael Vitti) will tell the truth to Heluisa (Paloma Duarte) in “Beyond Illusion” – Photo: Globo

“Duffy, your story is impressive! So, that means Matthias was right when he got to know Donna Romana, when he got to know you!”

“I did. I’m ashamed to say it, Donna Heloisa, but I used his insanity to discredit him. It’s the only way out,” he said.

Having explained everything, Duffy will point out that he did not run away from Campos because of the love he feels for Dorine and for saving her from Joachim. And it will be straight with Heloisa:

“Now that I’ve found out the whole truth, Donna Heloisa, I need to know… are you going to hand me over to the police?”

And her answer will surprise you:

I will not hand you over to the police. And don’t reveal the truth to anyone. I always suspected he was innocent, ever since I heard Augusta (Olivia Araujo) saying to Manuela (Maria da Penha) who thought Matthias shot Elisa,” she will say, sentimental.

Heloisa will then become another ally of David! It will help you even in a new plan against Mathias!

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