September 25, 2023

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"I've never had good service before"

“I’ve never had good service before”

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Murillo Benicio plays the farmer Tenorio in the Pantanal

Tenório is an opponent of "wet land"
© clone / instagram murilobeniciooficialTenório is one of the opponents of “Pantanal”

a beauty style More and more power is being lost in the present moment of mankind and more normal men are being seen better in society. Proof of this is that celebrities with prominent bellies have been highly praised in discussions on social networks and this Tuesday (7), the actor’s physique Morelo Benicio was a topic Twitter.

This is because the artist gives life to Pantanero Tenorioin the current TV series at nine in the morningwet landAnd in today’s episode, the shirtless businessman went crazy for Twitter users. The profile in the tweets praised the belly of the world and it is clear that netizens did not miss the opportunity to praise Jamal, the interpreter.

Morelo Benicio Shirtless, this is today’s tweet. Thanks Globe“I’ve never had good service,” one young man said on Twitter. Another asked: “Will you do Murillo Benicio without a shower?” “CACE**” celebrated our victory with Morello Benicio without a shirt, another celebrated.

Even after winning fans’ affection, the character lives on in the novel’s plot Benicio He is one of the opponents, and in the upcoming episodes, he is a neighbor Jose Leoncio He promises to do something in the life of the opponent. Remember, the farmer still has a problem to solve with his current wife, Maria Broca, who has been sleeping with Levi in ​​recent weeks.