May 24, 2024

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Bill and Erasmo complain about Erica's farms

Bill and Erasmo complain about Erica’s farms

Bill and Victor were talking in the kitchen when Erasmus joined them, and he continued to express his displeasure with the way Erica had been behaving since she had become a farmer infarm 13 inches (RecordTV). or for exampleBBB Consistent with a fitness influencer.

“Owner of the house now! Jeez, old man…” Erasmus muttered, saying that Erika constantly asks “Who can sweep here?” , because he was wiping the place every day. Then I do it and she says, ‘Thank you, Erasmus. Well, you’re most welcome, but it wasn’t because you asked! “.

“It’s confusing, right. She thinks she bought the farm too!” , Bill joked, causing passersby to laugh.

“What a breeze, brother! It’s that saying: I want to meet a man, empower him,” said the fitness influencer.

“But if I had a farmer’s hat that day, I talked to the guys [sobre limpeza e organização da casa] Wouldn’t I be so confused, Victor asked?

Erasmo defended “Not at all, brother. I was given the idea there, everyone was giving their opinion, everyone was talking and it was for the good of society.”

Bell agreed: “Exactly. Now this: ‘Can you sweep here?” Can you sweep here? “

“I think Bill did a very good job [como fazendeiro], My brother. He did a good commission, helped the guys with the animals, in the tests. “He did not stay in this wonderful thing,” said Erasmus.