May 19, 2024

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Lesian Gutierrez is the first to be eliminated from the farm

Lesian Gutierrez is the first to be eliminated from the farm

Lesian Gutierrez was the first to be eliminated from thefarm 13″ (RecordTV) was the least voted by the public, with 26.15% of the vote. Solange and Nego do Borel are still reality. The singer most voted to stay was actually 47.41%. Solange received 26.44% of the vote.

before exclusion, Lisian was feeling sick. The post at the headquarters said she was shivering so badly she couldn’t answer a question from Adrien Galisto. I can’t speak now, I feel really bad,” she said, visibly shaken.

How was the garden formed?

Bil Araújo won the trial with fire and gained two powers: the power of a red flame and the power of a yellow flame. the previous-BBB I got the power of Yellow Flame and had to choose between immunity or R$10,000, and choose money. Bell handed the power of the red flame to Victor, who took Diane and Lisian out of the booth and replaced them with Solange and Nego de Borel.

Then, Farmer of the Week, Gui Araujo, pointed Nego do Borel straight to the hot seat. The pawns sounded, and Lesian and Diane each tied by four votes. Bell, who performed his role as a farmer, was forced to pick and save Diane, putting Lysian in the garden. Then the model pulled Solange from the booth.

Solange finished third and had a mission to start the remaining mission. Marina was the last to pick and save Rico Melquiades, leading Erica Schneider to take the fourth and final seat in the park.

Erica Schneider won the farmer’s test, escaping the fields and becoming the second farmer in the release.