May 30, 2024

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Anitta became one of the highlights of “Journal Nacional” after a historic record and Bonner’s reaction went viral on the networks: “And Anitta, right?” ; Watch

Is the moment, yes! Anita He made history on Friday (25) and became the first Brazilian artist to reach the top of the Spotify world chart, as well as being the first Latino to reach the center with a single, with the anthem “to get involvedAfter the conquest, the singer became a landmark in National Magazinereceived a strong letter from William BonnerThe attraction factor that went viral on social media.

“And Anita, huh?! Today, she is simply a feat unprecedented for any Brazilian artist. “Envolver” has become the most listened-to song on the planet, on the music platform”spotifyOver 6 million plays per day.started.

And the journalist continued, recalling that the singer was already advancing in her career outside the country: Anita has invested in her international career. She released the song in Spanish in November, but her choreography only went viral last week and put the song in the top ten. Fans then launched the “Envolver” campaign to top the list. Anita’s Carioca overtook artists like Elton JohnAnd the Dua Lipa And the Adele“. Watch:

On the web, netizens enjoyed Bonner’s speech, comparing the journalist’s reaction to the Brazilians’ reaction when they saw the song at the top of the chart. paying off:

Earlier, “Girl From Rio” was thrilled with this achievement. “I have no words to explain how I felt at that moment, for being the first Brazilian woman in history to have a number one song in the world. Most played in the world. I’ve never seen a Brazil team so united for something like that, it looked like a World Cup!”in the pre-recorded video of the streaming platform.

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With teary eyes, she thanked the audience for their support: “Thank you very much, I don’t know if we will continue in this number one position, but just hitting there is something we have never seen before in our country. This was very difficult, folks, it is the result of a lot of work, you don’t think he was lucky. Now that That Brazil helped me a lot to get this song, Brazil is obviously booming on the chart, but half the plays are international, this song started to spread outside of Brazil, so it’s the result of a lot of work, years and years, of perseverance, hitting the post, and believing that The goal will come.”

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“I just want to thank those who haven’t given up on me all this time, because I said it would work, and thank you for the support of all Brazilians! I’m so happy! Now, I’ve opened a door, and I expect more people to go through that door. I’m going to keep it open for a while longer.” As long as possible. I hope more Brazilians will come, and pass through this door that opened with great difficulty!”closed. Watch: