June 23, 2024

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Bill Araujo advises Sthe not to nominate Diane and Thiago

Arcripiano and Stephanie Matos, current farmerI enjoyed seventh party from “farm 13 inch (RecordTV), Who had DJ Dennis shake the nightTo talk about the formation of the upcoming farm.

The two of them started the conversation with Diane Melo’s needle. “I have a corruption of her, old man, whom you don’t understand. In front of you,” shoot the ex-BBB. “I fornicated, I fornicated for five days,” Stefan said.

Then the pawn began to stitch Rico Melquiades, who I argued with earlierThe influencer advised about the garden:

Pay attention, if you want, you can build a very strong field. I am already the most voted. I won’t give names, no, but if you want, you can build a very strong domain. It wasn’t the last thing I set up, I messed it up. If you want, I’m not talking about Thiago, no, or her [Dayane]. Archipano

“Who are you talking about?” asked Stephanie. The former BBB replied “Analyses the game, just analyzes. Not today.” “But you don’t talk about it [Dayane]asked the influencer.

Not her, said Arcripiano. “I’m pulling her.” “But isn’t she in the booth?” said Stefan.

“It was, if you lose, it will be,” said the pawn. The girl commented, “Are you in the booth without missing the lamp guide?” “If you do and lose, so will it,” the former BBB replied.

“Only if you were drawn to being there,” Stefan said. “My intuition and God never fail,” Arcripiano noted. “Okay,” the farmer continued.

Then the pawn again advised the pawn not to fall into the Rico heap – Which I also discussed earlier Neither does Diane. “

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Let me say something here, first of all, pay attention: they both play very low, but very low. very very. They want to destabilize you, it has already begun. You never enter under any circumstances. That’s what it is Vt, getting into trouble with you. He always took one for Christ, this week it was me, last week it was Erasmus. […] It’s an open cookie, don’t give it a follower, no. Archipano

Stefane also noted that the pair are his candidacy options. “I was thinking between them,” she said.

“On Mondays you think, go with your concept, do what you think is best for you and the people you love,” Arcrebiano commented. “After the lamp, form the bay,” the farmer agreed.

“I’m going to make this lamp, and I’m going to do it right. Believe me. I’ll go to the bay or from headquarters, I’ll be upvoted. I’ll get it [o lampião]. Dynho and I will be test rats,” the former BBB announced.

Denis DJ performs at the “Mundo da Imaginação” concert at “The Farm”