June 7, 2023

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Fred makes the line move after Bianca Andrade kisses Joao Guilherme

Fred makes the line move after Bianca Andrade kisses Joao Guilherme

It took less than 24 hours to effect “Stay” between Bianca Andrade (Boca Rosa) and actor Joao Guilherme, until Fred, the influencer’s ex-husband, appears to have fun with another woman. The elect, in turn, made no point in keeping a secret, rather posting a series of stories on Instagram that kissed the YouTuber and showed off a lot of relationship with the single piece.

At one point, Fred made a drink in her mouth with his own bottle. The brunette in question was identified by the name Carol Cavicioli, a publicist with around 4,000 followers. The two are already following each other on Instagram.

On Saturday afternoon (5/28), Carol posted her first post on her profile after the video fallout. “Hello fans,” she wrote, which continues to increase the number of followers little by little.

Fred and Bianca split up

Parents of little Chris, who will turn her first year of life in July, Fred and Bianca have been separated since April, during the carnival. They met in 2017. However, the relationship went through ups and downs until the couple started their relationship publicly in early September 2020.

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