June 21, 2024

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Rafael Portugal takes a hit of 1.4 million Brazilian riyals from “Pharaoh Bitcoin” and reveals the outcome of the case

Rafael Portugal takes a hit of 1.4 million Brazilian riyals from “Pharaoh Bitcoin” and reveals the outcome of the case

Last Thursday (21), comedian Rafael Portugal And his wife, Vanelli Portugal, has drawn a lot of attention in the media. This is because columnist Leo Dias revealed that the couple were victims of financial scam From the company “Pharaoh Bitcoin”. The repercussions of the news were such that the “CAT BBB” captain ended up commenting on the matter on social media on Friday (22).

After many messages from fans, friends and concerned netizens, Portugal used a file Instagram To thank you for your kindness and to assure everyone that the situation has been investigated. “My people, I have not missed anything! We proceed to reassure everyone who sends me a message, thank you for your affection, NAMORAL! I am not lost, I have not been hurt at any time and everything will be resolved”, The comedian announced.

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According to information from G1, the GAS Consultoria Bitcoin scheme, by Glaidson Acácio dos Santos, known as the ‘Pharaoh of Bitcoins’, involved several clients, including Rafael and his wife. “Like thousands of other clients, we have many contracts with GAS, precisely because we believe the company has really invested in cryptocurrencies. We trust the people who presented the company to us as an investment potential, and we did,” Vanelli explained to the car.

The company, which claims to trade in cryptocurrency, has already used the sums invested to supply the pyramid, discovered by Operation Kryptus, from Federal Police, in August. Glaidson alone owned four companies with a combined value of about R$136 million – two of them in Rio de Janeiro and two in São Paulo.

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While working with the company, Rafael and his wife had no doubts that they had been harmed. “There was no embarrassment on our part regarding the work of GAS, because we always receive all payments due from the first decade. The proof of this is that we took a long time to distribute the judicial process, which only happened by an exclusive decision of the office of Gomes & Raner Advogados, which represents our interests.Vanelli announced.

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After the discovery, Rafael and Vanelli filed a lawsuit against GAS Consultoria Bitcoin for material damages of R$1.2 million. The couple’s defense says Gladson and his wife, Meirelles Zerpa, are free and wanted by the couple Interpol. international police – They did not honor the signed contracts and did not return the amount invested by the comedian and his wife, not to mention other material compensation.

The complaint states that ‘Pharaoh Bitcoins’ has amassed more than 67,000 customers. (Photo: Playback / YouTube)

Gladson was arrested at a mansion in Barra da Tijuca, in the western region of Rio, on August 30. Operation starts from September 21st. However, a judicial decision issued on the 28th of the same month, set the arrest (a precautionary measure consisting of judicial seizure of the debtor’s assets, to ensure future debt collection) at R$1.4 million in GAS accounts. Also according to the Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro, in addition to the amount invested by Portugal, the value of the arrest covers interest, monetary correction and legal costs. The amount has yet to be paid to Rafael and Vanelli, but luckily they seem to be on their way to getting back what they invested.

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