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Black Friday: Learn how to do a good price research |  Economie

Black Friday: Learn how to do a good price research | Economie

As tight as the Brazilians’ income is due to inflation, the trade keeps hope of good sales on Black Friday 2021, which will take place on November 26.

According to E-bit’s Purchasing Intent Survey | Nielsen, 89% of respondents intend to buy something on schedule. Among the major categories of desire are electronics (44%), home appliances (39%), home and decor items (30%) and computers (29%).

And the incentive is the same: 85% of respondents cited price as a key factor to go shopping on Black Friday. in the podcast financial education This week there is a complete guide on how to do a good price research.

According to ESPM Professor Cristina Helena Pinto de Mello, a robust price survey is necessary to “deactivate” the impulse to buy. She says that this hasty decision-making is one of the biggest causes of consumer regret and frustration.

Christina remembers that it is very important for a buyer to arrive in a “Black Friday environment” with a list of their real shopping needs and an anticipation of how much they want to spend.

“If you set this up in advance, you increase the chance of succumbing to what looks like a great offer. Often, when you compare prices on websites, you end up finding better deals.

In addition to the official websites of major retailers, there are dozens of websites that compare prices online. The specialist mentions some options that achieve the same price for the same product in several digital stores:

Before starting the search, however, Cristina leaves one last tip: It’s best to perform your searches in the browser’s anonymous tab. “Companies have algorithms that dig a little bit out of this person’s browsing history, right? So, they have devised strategies to get that person to buy,” he says.

Finally, the ESPM professor says that as vaccination progresses, the consumer should also check out the actual retail, which may have good offers to stimulate sales long after the crisis.

“There is a lot of difference between the prices that are applied online and those that are done in face-to-face commerce. It is worth checking,” he says.

Merchants anticipate increased sales on Black Friday and Christmas

Since price is a key factor in buying on Black Friday, it’s important to always be in the know. A survey by Clearsale showed that the first half of 2021 recorded an increase in the number of fraud attempts in digital purchases, in the order of 32.7%.

Extremely low prices are one of the main attractions, so you need to pay attention to some details:

  • Be wary of much lower prices than competing stores;
  • carefully check promotions from unknown stores;
  • give preference to companies embedded in digital purchases;
  • Check the store’s URL to see if the site is official;
  • Do not click on emails or SMS messages from suspicious recipients.

“It’s not a time for adventures. If you don’t know a store, Black Friday isn’t the best time to visit,” says Felipe Panagio, Marketing Director of Reclame Aqui.