May 19, 2024

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Bolsonaro says Petrobras will have new fuel dynamics

Bolsonaro says Petrobras will have new fuel dynamics

distance The Board of Directors approved Cayo Pais de AndradeGovernment candidate for the presidency of Petrobras President Jair Bolsonaro He said, on Monday (27), that the state-owned company will have a new dynamic regarding fuel in the country. Bolsonaro did not provide further details on how the change would take place.

Today, Gaius [Paes de Andrade] He takes the position of Petrobras. We will also have a new dynamic in the state-owned company in terms of fuel in Brazil. “Everything will be analyzed according to the law, without tampering with the law of state-owned enterprises, without wanting to interfere in anything, but with great respect and responsibility,” Bolsonaro said during an event in Palacio do Planalto. .

Contrary to what the president has said, Andrade has not been sworn in as Petrobras president – and that is expected this week. This Monday, the Board of Directors approved His name is to head the public company. The Executive received an affirmative vote of seven members of the councils, and three others were against his appointment.

Pais de Andrade will be Petrobras’ fourth president under Jair Bolsonaro (PL) – not counting the temporary Fernando Borges. Before him they ran the company: Jose Mauro Ferreira CoelhoAnd the Joaquim Silva and Luna And the Roberto Castillo Branco. They all left the post due to the fuel price adjustments.

Petrobras adopts an international parity price, which makes the price of gasoline, ethanol and diesel follow the variance in the value of a barrel of oil in the international market. The model, however, is Bolsonaro’s criticism targetWho is seeking re-election in the October elections.

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One alternative that the federal government has considered is the possibility of Amending the State-Owned Companies Responsibility Law (13.303/2016) through a temporary measure. The rule was signed in 2016 by then-President Michel Temer and establishes the legal status of public corporations and mixed economic associations that explore economic activity in the union, states, federal district and municipalities.

The change that analyzes the Planalto Palace is Flexibility of criteria for appointing members Petrobras’ board and directors, specifically the top that could change the current pricing policy. But Bolsonaro said the “pencil” should not be made with the state-owned companies law.

The former president criticized the idea discussed by the government, saying that the news caused him “civil grief” and that ‘The initiative should not even be considered’. Tamer also said that “what the political world expects is that he is constantly improving Brazilian legislation and institutions, not that he is encouraging setbacks.”

Although the board of directors endorsed Andrade’s name, Petrobras minority shareholders launched the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM), an autonomous system attached to the Ministry of Economy, against the Executive. According to the procedure, the appointment violates two conditions stipulated in the legal system: professional experience and academic training.

Andrade holds a degree in Social Communication from Paulista University, a graduate degree in Management and Administration from Harvard University, and an MBA from Duke University.