May 25, 2024

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The search for motorcycles increases in 2022: which ones are most in demand?

The search for motorcycles increases in 2022: which ones are most in demand?

Check out our list of the most popular motorcycles today!

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With the ever-rising fuel prices, Brazilian consumers are looking for alternatives to save money and one option is to switch to motorcycles.

According to data from Mercado Livre, there was a 12% growth in motorcycle demand in April – represented by access to ads on the platform – compared to the average in the first quarter. In May, the number remained stable, an increase of 10% compared to May last year.

Most Wanted Motorcycles

The Yamaha Fazer 250 takes the lead among the most sought-after motorcycles after 0 km. Soon, the Shineray Phoenix 50 comes along and then another Yamaha, the XTZ 250 Lander. Of the “top ten”, eight have up to 250 cylinders, which are models that are more suitable for short trips and urban use.

However, among used motorcycles, the situation changes slightly, as half of the ten most popular motorcycles exceeded 300 cc. The bike to drive is the Honda XRE, then comes the Honda PCX 150, followed by the Yamaha Fazer 250. Check out our rating of the most popular bikes:

Motorcycles 0 km

  1. Yamaha Phaser 250
  3. Yamaha XTZ 250 Lander
  4. Yamaha 150CC
  5. Honda XRE 300
  6. Honda Base 125
  7. Honda CG160 Titan
  8. Honda Titan
  10. Yamaha MT 03

used motorcycles

  1. Honda XRE 300
  2. Honda PCX 150
  3. Yamaha Phaser 250
  4. Yamaha XT 660R
  5. Honda CB 300
  6. Honda CB 600 Hornet
  7. Honda Base 125
  8. Yamaha MT 03
  9. Yamaha XTZ 250 Lander
  10. Honda CG 150 Titan

fuel adjustment

With Petrobras announcing the fuel adjustment, on Friday (17), the consumer price increased by R$ 0.15 per liter for gasoline and R$ 0.63 for diesel. Therefore, Brazilians are looking for new habits of saving.

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