June 12, 2024

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Bonino does not hide his opinion and talks about Sonia Abrau's work covering BBB 22

Bonino does not hide his opinion and talks about Sonia Abrau’s work covering BBB 22


Boninho spoke about Sonia Abrau’s coverage of BBB 22 this Wednesday (27), one day after the final.

Boninho talks about Sonia Abrau's work on the BBB coverage
© Reproduction / official Instagram of BoninhoBoninho talks about Sonia Abrau’s work on the BBB coverage

In addition to the cast BBB 22which ended yesterday (26), was one of the highlights of the most-watched out-of-home edition in Brazil: Coverage by Sonia Abrau, ardent supporter of Arthur Aguiar on her daily show on RedeTV!.

This Wednesday (27), the manager of Big Brother Brazil, Boninho, Opinion about the work of a broadcaster and journalist in the competing broadcaster. Surprisingly, Big Boss agreed to the move.

“Sonia Abrau, I love you, I’m talking about Globo, talk about the whole Big Brother. I love him, that’s what I want, that’s what we want. It is so great to have a TV show on Globo that everyone is talking about,” he commented, according to a note posted by the Metrópoles website.

content sharing

Then, Boninho said the exchange of content between competing broadcasters is a good sign of modernityContrary to the policy in place for many years to prevent one channel from using images from another.

“If we use this clever information to allow ourselves to reciprocate, allow ourselves to give in and understand that sometimes you don’t need to… on the contrary, you can get out of this bubble. Soar, fly higher because the less you get into that bubble, the more you can be.” on spreading these ideas and being able to fit that creativity,” he concluded.

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