July 25, 2024

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“I did not say that”

“I did not say that”


All this happened during a “special” program.

Photo: Gshow - Jade Picon at BBB 22.
Photo: Gshow – Jade Picon at BBB 22.

On Wednesday night (27), “BBB – Elimination‘, a program All participants collected 22 BBB 22, including Thiago Abravanel and Maria, for “washing dirty clothes”. Some events and participants’ reactions caught the attention of Internet users.

One of the heroes of the game, Jade Bacon, became a topic on social media after criticizing the production of the reality show. After producers billed the digital influencer competition Arthur Agyarthe heroine of the release, the young woman realized that some of her lines appeared out of context.

“They put a joke I was making in the edit. I didn’t say no to it. It was a joke, and it had nothing to do with it”, she started saying. Jade was referring to the moment she went down the stairs “I said I wasn’t supposed to do this, and now I did and I regret it”.

When she explained that it was a joke with Paolo Andre, with whom she had a love story in the most watched house in the country, the influencer made it clear that she does not regret anything she did during her participation in the program. Observing the “climate” that had begun, Lena decided to “break the ice.” “Look what I did”She said in a relaxed manner.

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