September 28, 2023

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Bradesco confirms data leak of 53,000 customers

Bradesco confirms data leak of 53,000 customers


Last Friday (13), a Bradesco It confirmed, through a notice to the market, that the data of nearly 53 thousand customers had been leaked. According to the statement, there was an “unauthorized display” of data related to vehicle financing contracts.

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The bank said the data did not jeopardize the integrity of customers and that security measures had already been taken. The text, signed by Leandro de Miranda Araujo, CEO and Director of Investor Relations, Bradesco, ends by stressing the responsibility he bears with users.

“Bradesco reinforces its commitment to the transparency and security of its customers’ data.”

What to do in case of a data leak

Unfortunately, everyone is vulnerable to data leaks. To prevent potential scams, the greatest defense is information. Always review any message, call or other form of communication received with suspiciousness.

When there is a leak related to your personal data (name, CPF, date of birth, phone, etc.), the first indication for digital security professionals is to accompany your CPF in Registrationfrom the central bank.

There, you have a free Pix Keys Reports consultation, loansFinance, bank accounts, etc. Any suspicious movement will be recorded in the central bank system.

Also watch out for suspicious calls and emails. If criminals have your means of communication at hand, they can be used to send you fake links or make calls pretending to be other organizations asking for payment or a transfer that doesn’t exist.

The General Data Protection Regulation (LGPD) does not provide specific penalties for data leakage. But in case the consumer suffers any harm as a result of the leakage of his personal data, he can take legal action against the company responsible for the treatment to ensure compensation.

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