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Brazil reaches 65 million defaulters

Brazil reaches 65 million defaulters

Last Tuesday, the fifth of April, Serasa released a survey indicating that 65.2 million consumers in Brazil were in default in February 2022, a mark that has not been reached since the beginning of the epidemic, in May 2020. The total arrears of these defaulters are 263.4 billion reais Brazilian.

There was a 0.54% increase in defaulters in February. The average debt of each citizen is R$4042.08, and each individual taxpayer identification number (CPF) has, on average, 3.4 active debts.

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A glimpse of defaulters

Among the defaulters in Brazil, men represent 50.2% of debtors, while women represent 49.8%. In terms of age, most of the debtors are between the ages of 26 and 40 years, with a percentage of 35.3%, followed by citizens between the ages of 41 and 60 years, who represent 34.9% of defaulters.

increased delinquency

The number of defaulters has been declining since April 2021, however, since October 2021, it has been on the rise.

The main reasons for the successive increase in delinquency are factors such as higher interest rate, which makes credit The cost is higher and unemployment continues to rise.

Another factor that directly affects debt repayment is a decrease in the average worker’s income. Although the labor market has seen a gradual recovery in recent months, most people are being employed at lower wages than they were earning, which makes it difficult to pay off overdue debt.

According to Serrassa, the most common types of bad debt in February are:

  1. credit card debt – 28.6%;
  2. debts with household bills (water, electricity, gas) – 23.2%;
  3. Retail spending – 12.5%.

How do I know if I have a negative CPF?

In order for a citizen to know if his CPF number is negative, he must fill in the registration with the full name and date of birth and thus create a login and password.

In addition to Serasa, you can also consult the Credit Protection Service (SCPC), which is operated by Boa Vista for free. At SPC Brasil, the service is paid.

On the platform, the consumer will be able to know whether he is considered a good or bad payer by the score and also negotiate debts with the mediation of the credit consulting firm.

On these platforms, debts that reject your CPF can be consulted, settled or repaid in installments.

Serasa has a record 65 million unpaid CPFs, with a total debt of more than 200 million.

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