May 26, 2024

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The new minimum wage for 2022 is setting a record and will be the highest in recent years

Caixa confirms two withdrawals from PIS / Pasep for 2022, see who receives

Attention workers, Caixa Econômica Federal is issuing two different PIS/Pasep withdrawals this year 2022. Being a PIS/Pasep salary bonus paid annually to workers and a PIS/Pasep fund where workers can withdraw only once in life.

PIS / Pasep . Salary Slip

The PIS/Pasep Salary Allowance is a worker’s right, granted by the federal government, whereby workers who meet the necessary requirements can, annually, withdraw up to the minimum wage.

To ensure access to the PIS / Pasep allowance, it is necessary to meet the following requirements:

  • have a maximum wage that amounts to a minimum wage in the base year;
  • Have a work permit for at least five years;
  • Have worked at least 30 consecutive days in the base year;
  • The worker’s data must be included in the RAIS (Annual List of Social Information).

Thus, workers and public servants to whom the above rules apply can guarantee a minimum wage each year. It should be noted that the amount is paid in proportion to the number of working months in the base year.

For example, those who worked 12 months a year would receive the minimum wage, R$1,212, while those who worked fewer months would receive a pro-rata.

To calculate and see how much you earn, simply divide the minimum wage of R$1212 by 12 (twelve months of the year), which will give 101, so just multiply that amount by the number of working months to find out how much you earn.

It should be noted that the PIS allowance is for employees of private companies who work under an official contract, the amount of PIS paid by Caixa Econômica Federal. On the other hand, Pasep is for public servants, and receives his salary from Banco do Brasil.

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So, check out the PIS/Pasep 2022 salary bonus payment schedule below:

born in Released draw day You can withdraw even today
Janeiro 02/08/2022 29/12/2022
February 10/02/2022 29/12/2022
March 02/15/2022 29/12/2022
April 02/17/2022 29/12/2022
may be 02/22/2022 29/12/2022
June 02/24/2022 29/12/2022
July 15/03/2022 29/12/2022
August 03/17/2022 29/12/2022
September 03/22/2022 29/12/2022
October 03/24/2022 29/12/2022
November 03/29/2022 29/12/2022
December 03/31/2022 29/12/2022

Pasep . calendar

end of recording Released draw day You can withdraw even today
0 02/15/2022 29/12/2022
1 02/15/2022 29/12/2022
2 02/17/2022 29/12/2022
3 02/17/2022 29/12/2022
4 02/22/2022 29/12/2022
5 02/24/2022 29/12/2022
6 15/03/2022 29/12/2022
7 03/17/2022 29/12/2022
8 03/22/2022 29/12/2022
9 03/24/2022 29/12/2022

PIS / Pasep . Fund

The shares of the PIS / Pasep Fund have already been released for withdrawal, in total, about 10 million workers can already withdraw the amount amounting to R$ 23 billion.

It is common for workers to confuse a PIS/Pasep fund with a PIS/Pasep salary allowance. Although they are used synonymously, the two are quite different.

This is because, unlike salary bonus paid annually to workers who comply with the rules, PIS and Pasep shares are paid once in a lifetime and are intended for workers who had a formal contract between 1971 and October 1988.

It should be noted that since the fund is intended for workers who have been active for many years, in the event of the death of the worker, his heirs can carry out the withdrawal.

To find out whether the worker or his heirs have the right to withdraw, simply contact Caixa Econômica Federal if they have worked in private companies in the respective years or if public officials contact Banco do Brasil.

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It should be noted that since June 2020 the balance of the PIS / Pasep fund has become part of the FGTS, so it is also possible to use the channels: FGTS app, fur FGTS website e Online banking cashier, to check if you are entitled to benefits.

The withdrawal process is simple, in the case of a worker, it is enough to go to the Caixa branch with an original identification document.

In the case of heirs, it will be necessary to appear at the Caixa branch with one of the following documents:

  • Death certificate of a family member and declaration of a dependent who is entitled to a death pension issued by the National Social Security Institute; or
  • Death certificate and certificate or declaration of a dependent entitled to a death pension issued by the employer; or
  • By order of the court specifying the beneficiaries of the withdrawal; or
  • General inventory voucher.