September 23, 2023

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Brazil records more than 110,000 new cases of COVID-19 and 238 deaths in one day |  Corona Virus

Brazil records more than 110,000 new cases of COVID-19 and 238 deaths in one day | Corona Virus

Brazil scored on Friday (14) 110,037 Known new cases From Covid-19 in the last 24 hours, bringing the total confirmed diagnoses to 22,925,864 since the beginning of the pandemic. As a result, the moving average of cases in the last 7 days was 68.160 The highest level since June 28 last year (When he was at 68231). Compared to the average 14 days ago, the change + 743%, indicating a trend towards Average In cases of illness.

It is the third highest record of cases known in a single day. The record was set so far on September 18, 2021, with 125,053 registered cases, but this was heavily influenced by the more than 100,000 records placed in RJ, included on the same day. in a second highest mark (114139), on June 23, 2021, the number was inflated by more than 36,000 observed cases kept in the system.

Moving average growth of known new cases last week – Photo: Editoria de Arte/g1

  • Total deaths: 620.847
  • Death record in 24 hours: 238
  • Average new deaths in the last 7 days: 138 (14-day change: +42%)
  • Total known confirmed cases: .22.925.864
  • Record of known confirmed cases within 24 hours: 110,037
  • Average new cases in the last 7 days: 68,160 per day (14-day change: +743%)

At its worst, the national moving average curve of cases reached the mark of 77,295 new daily cases, on June 23, 2021.

Evolution of the moving average of deaths from COVID-19 in Brazil in the last 14 days. The percentage change takes into account the comparison of the numbers for both ends of the period – Photo: Editoria de Arte/g1

There were no deaths in two states on Monday: AC e RR.

The numbers are in the new poll by the Media Consortium on the state of the coronavirus pandemic in Brazil, consolidated at 8 p.m. The balance is based on data from state health departments.

instability in systems

after data blackout Act Ministry of HealthOn January 4, states began to normalize disclosure of Covid-19 numbers in Brazil.

On December 12, the ministry reported that the process of recovering records of Brazilians vaccinated against Covid-19 after a hacker attack had been completed, without losing information. But the next day, Minister Marcelo Quiroga said there was a new hacking attack. The initial prediction for the stability of the systems, on December 14, was not met.

In January, the department reported that four of its programs had been re-established in December; It was reported that on January 7, the integration of local systems and the national data network was normalized, and the return of access to information was gradual.

According to the file, the instability in the system did not interfere with the monitoring of cases of severe acute respiratory syndrome such as Covid. It’s the opposite of what the researchers say.

says Julio Croda, an infectious disease specialist and researcher at Fucruz.

“We didn’t see the development and arrival of the omicron. It didn’t suddenly appear in the new year. It came during the month of December, and we were on a completely blind trip there, because there was no stopping the service that helps authorities make decisions,” says Professor Marcelo Medeiros, founder of Covid-19 Analytics. in the midst of the epidemic.

death curve in the states

  • In height (17 states): AL, SE, PA, PI, SP, MT, AC, BA, PR, RN, MS, AM, MG, RS, RO, MA, TO
  • In stability (4 cases): SC, GO, ES, AP
  • Falls (5 states and DF): PE, CE, RJ, PB, DF, RR

This comparison takes into account the average mortality in the last 7 days to the publication of this balance sheet relative to the average recorded 2 weeks ago (Understand the criteria he uses g 1 To analyze epidemic trends).

Look at the situation in the countries

Countries with high mortality – Photo: Editoria de Arte / g1

Countries with stable deaths – Photo: Editoria de Arte/g1

Countries with falling deaths – Photo: Editoria de Arte/g1

Federation of Press Vehicles

Data on coronavirus cases and deaths in Brazil have been obtained after an unprecedented partnership between g 1and O Globo, Extra, O Estado de S.Paulo, Folha de S.Paulo and UOL, which have been working collaboratively, since June 8, 2020, to collect necessary information in 26 states and the Federal District (know more).

Epidemic numbers – Photo: Editoria de Arte / G1