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I miss walking down the street, says the Pope after I was spotted in a record store - 01/14/2022 - World

I miss walking down the street, says the Pope after I was spotted in a record store – 01/14/2022 – World

In a letter sent to a Spanish journalist on Thursday (13), Dr Pope Francisco Since becoming the Pope, he said, he has missed walking the streets as he did in Buenos Aires, “going from one diocese to another.”

The confession came two days after Roma Reports reporter Javier Martinez-Proal recorded a flight from Francisco to visit a friend’s record store in the Italian capital.

On this occasion, the Pope evaded security agents and arrived at the institution in a white Fiat 500 driven by a Vatican official. Head of the Catholic Church Sometimes avoids bulletproof compounds and police escorts who attract the attention of the public.

However, an attempt to distribute anonymously was unsuccessful, as the Spanish reporter happened to be in the area, central Rome, and filmed Francis’ visit with his cell phone. Brocal is the network’s news director and author of two books on the Vatican—one on the current head of the Catholic Church.

The video was posted on Twitter and quickly went viral.

In the letter released Thursday, the pope congratulated the Rome professional, but joked that it was “unfortunate that the news came out”. Thanking the journalist for doing his job, Francis wrote, “You cannot deny that it was a case of misfortune. Having taken all precautions, there was a reporter at the rank of taxi,” and thanked the journalist for doing his job, “even though he put the Pope in difficulties” .

The shopkeepers later said that the Pope stayed in the store for 20 minutes and received a box of classic music CDs as a gift. Francisco is famous for his admiration of Beethoven, Mozart and Bach In addition to Argentine tango singers.

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when you are in rome, Then Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Archbishop of Buenos Aires, he used to frequent the facility located next to a residence to visit the clergy.

“He came when he was bishop, archbishop, and cardinal to buy classical music for himself or to give it as a gift to someone. He is a lover of music, opera, and sounds. In particular, he admires [o compositor alemão Richard] WagnerThe owner’s daughter, Tiziana Esposito, told AFP that the visit was “quick, tremendous, wonderful, humane and wonderful.”

In addition to Tiziana, her husband and mother, Letizia Justra, who opened the institution in 1971, works there. Like most countries in the worldThe sector has suffered from advances in technology and piracy. Currently, most record stores in Rome are located in small spaces, almost hidden between restaurants and souvenir shops.

This is not the first time that the Pope has tried to circumvent the formidable security apparatus that surrounds him. In 2015, he went to an optician in the center of the Italian capital to change the frames of his glasses – the product had to be delivered to the Vatican, but the Pope decided to go get it. The following year, Francis went to a store not far from the church headquarters to buy new shoes.

Two days after the last picturesque visit, the President of the Vatican met with the two Vice-Presidents of the CNBB (National Conference of Brazilian Bishops), Archbishop of Porto Alegre, Dom Jaime Spengler, and Archbishop of Roraima, Dom Mario Antonio. . The head of the entity and Archbishop of Belo Horizonte, Dom Walmore de Oliveira, has not traveled Due to the situation caused by the floods in Minas Gerais.

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After the meeting, the clergyman gave an interview to Vatican Radio and defined the meeting as “simple and fraternal.” On this occasion, the Pope was invited to visit the Amazon region and also the Missions region, in Rio Grande do Sul, where Records of Relationships between the Jesuits and the Guarani. No dates have been set for a possible visit.

In addition, Francis discussed the country’s political, economic and social moment. At this point, according to representatives of the CNBB, the religious have come to a consensus that “prudence, discernment, prayer and the ability to dialogue” are essential.