June 21, 2024

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Breaker in the power couple!  Record interferes and avoids beatings on a large scale · TV news

Breaker in the power couple! Record interferes and avoids beatings on a large scale · TV news

after, after Elimination of Andrea Andrade and NahimThe power couple brazil 6 It turned into a mess. Hudson Neri (Hadbala) feuded with Matthews Sampaio and Brenda Picsau. Elisa Fagundes took her husband’s pains and chased after influencers. Another time, Lucas Strapko (Cartoloco) and Ruggiero Silva were heroes in a fight, and MC Gui’s father came back to throw water on the former Fazenda.

The first battle began when Hadapala approached Matthews very upset. The ex-BBB suggested that Brenda’s boyfriend do the same dance as he did last week to provoke Naim, and the two became very close, implying that the assault would happen at any moment.

Wagging your tail. You will swallow me, I will swallow you, I will be your nightmare, I am coming for you, I want to see you standing for me.
Shrek Eliza yelled, I’m your worst nightmare, I’ll swallow your soul, and you’ll never have peace.

Then the camera was cut off for the battle of Ruggiero and Kartolaoko. The journalist stated that MC Gui’s father had invited Gabe Augusto to a fight and began making accusations at the businessman: “You’re disgusting, petty, sexist, aggressor. Damn, don’t mess with Gabriella, no.”

Nervous, Ruggiero continued yelling at his opponent and kicking the door. Bigfoot hit the wind and the confusion lasted for long minutes. Adriane Galisteu tried to control the situation, but could not.

It didn’t take long before Hadbala and Matthews fought again. Brenda and Elisa also yelled at each other. “You’ve lost it all, you’re going to lose it again, shit,” Hudson continued.

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In another point of confusion, Hadpala suggested that Matthews had made a mistake outside of Record’s reality show. The ex-brother kicked out “I know what he did.” Then Brenda lost control and her boyfriend had to handcuff her. Desperately, she replied: He did nothing.

Amid so much yelling, after a few minutes, the show’s production had to step in, and a voice asked, “Stop the fighting immediately, Hadupala and Matthews.” Even with the warning, the confusion persisted. Then the voice repeated again: “I want the fighting to stop immediately.” “Get ready for the operation,” warned Brenda. Repeat the production voice: “Go to your rooms at once.”

After all the couples left the room, Ruggiero once again lost his temper with Kartolaoko. Outside the mansion, MC Gui’s father took a plant to throw it into the former Fazenda’s room. Then the scene was cut short.

Check out some videos of the battles:

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