May 21, 2024

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Rodrigo Mossi tells Fantástico about recovery after the accident: 'Miracles exist' |  Lovely

Rodrigo Mossi tells Fantástico about recovery after the accident: ‘Miracles exist’ | Lovely

Rodrigo Mossi received the reporter Mauricio Ferraz in São Paulo for a talk that will be broadcast on Sunday (29), at Lovely. Talk about the accident, recovery, and upcoming plans.

“You are back. I want to thank you so much for your affection, love and prayers. Miracles exist so much because of your prayers. I am happy. It is a second chance and I wish to give back to the world in an even bigger and better way,” he said.

Rodrigo Mossi welcomes Mauricio Ferraz for a chat about the accident, recovery and upcoming plans – Photo: Globo

On the fifteenth of May, Rodrygo posted a message on his social networkssaying that he did not survive for nothing and thanking him for a new life.

“This is Rodrigo, you say I’m a miracle and I think I’m not alive for nothing. I’m still absorbing everything. Thank you, my God, for giving me a new chance, a new life and a new blank book in my hand to write new stories. Now I have a birthday Twice a year. Remember: We are lucky to bless. I will be back soon,” he wrote.

A letter written by Rodrigo Mossi on October 15 – Photo: Reproduction

Rodrigo Mossi step by step before and after the traffic accident, in which he suffered a head trauma

The application transport vehicle in which Rodrigo Mossi crashed into the back of a truck in the early hours of March 31. The former BBB underwent three surgeriesHis health condition was considered serious.

Sao Paulo police concluded that the app driver who was taking Moses He was reckless and exhausted.

Rodrigo is from Sao Jose dos Campos, in the interior of Sao Paulo. He was the second to be eliminated from the 22nd edition of the BBB.

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