October 4, 2023

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Bruna tells the brothers a love story with Ludmila

Bruna tells the brothers a love story with Ludmila

Nobody sleeps at homeBBB 22″ (TV Globo), huddled in a Lollipop room, Brunna Gonçalves told the two brothers about the beginning of her relationship with singer Ludmila, whom she called “the love of her life.”

The dancer said that while working with the singer, their relationship was always a “lover and dancer” one, without much closeness. But after they were fired, they met on a show and the singer was direct and asked her “when will Bronna accept her”, according to the sister, who had no relationship with other women until then, “the woman has never been so direct”.

However, Lud’s boldness made Brunna curious about the possibility, and a few weeks into that show, the first kiss occurred.

“I started seeing her with different eyes. We stayed and then I understood why I didn’t train with other men.”

According to the sister, Lyudmila assumed that she had always been interested in her, since it was part of her dance. However, at that moment, the singer was still afraid to declare herself, and therefore preferred to maintain a purely professional relationship. “She was always watching me. She knows what outfit I wore to the first rehearsal.”

From the first kiss, Bruna said that she never left the singer. The courtship began a few months later and she was secretly lied to for two years. However, in 2019, during Bruna’s birthday, Lyudmila proposed to her and they married on the same day.

“She asked me to marry her. She accepted and said ‘let’s get married now.’ The wedding was held outside the house. My mother-in-law and my sister-in-law arranged the whole ceremony in less than 4 hours and I found the love of my life.”