May 18, 2024

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Slovenia’s Lin da Quebrada treats men and web revolutions

In a conversation with Rodrigo, I BBB 22, Slovenia from Paraíba treats Linn da Quebrada, transvestite, as male. Because of the error, netizens who follow the show say there is no reason for her to call Lin in the masculine form. In fact, on the artist’s forehead there is a very large pronoun written: “She.”

Credit: Reproduction / TV GloboBBB 22: Slovenia tackles Linn da Quebrada in revolutions of men and the web

“I don’t know if I was at the table, but we were talking to Lin, Linda, and I’m going to call her Linda… and then [Lina] He said: I want pepper. Then someone passed by and I took it, and then I said, “No, it’s his.” there at that time [Lina] “Hey,” she said, “she,” Miss Rodrigo said.

After the speech, many netizens began to complain that Slovenia was the only person in the cast who addressed Lin da Quebrada with the male pronoun. Check backlash on the web:

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