June 6, 2023

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Ibovespa interrupts a high sequence and closes slightly lower;  The dollar is falling for the third day in a row

Ibovespa interrupts a high sequence and closes slightly lower; The dollar is falling for the third day in a row

After a full session running between losses and gains, Ibovespa ended the day slightly lower. The index fell 0.15% at the close at 105529 points, with a financial trading value of 27.4 billion Brazilian riyals. Refrigerators and oil companies were among the highest rises in Ibovespa at the end of the day. Technology and retail stocks are among the index’s biggest bottoms.

Once again, the Brazilian stock exchange stood out in relation to the offshore, with indexes in New York once again succumbing to the expectation of higher interest rates in the United States.

In Brazil, in turn, slightly more encouraging data: the volume of services grew by 2.4% in November of last year compared to October, which is much higher than expectations. However, according to financial market economists, The moment calls for cautionWith a challenging scenario on the horizon.

“The good news makes the price, then the investor sells and the stock fluctuates during the day. No really bad news or insider news can provide sustainability for the index, which is under downward pressure that comes from,” says Rodrigo Franchini, partner at Monte Bravo Investimentos. the outside.

Today’s news that may shed some light on what is yet to come is Bolsonaro’s decree ceding more autonomy to the Civic House in executing the budget. And he put Paulo Guedes more as an assistant than a champion in this agenda,” says Joao Beck, Economist and Partner at BRA.

Wall Street indexes rose during part of the trading session, but headed into the red after speeches from New Fed Vice Chair Lyle BrainardNot the Senate.

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confirmed that diminishing (Withdrawal of stimulus) ends at the end of the first quarter of this year, and after this process, the Fed will be ready to start raising interest rates.

US producer prices released in the morning, It closed 2021 with a 9.7% increase., which is the highest level since the beginning of the historical series, but lower than expected.

Stocks in the US suffered a sharp drop on Thursday (13). The Dow closed 0.48% lower at 36,115 points. The S&P 500 fell 1.42% to 4,659 points. The Nasdaq Technology Exchange, most sensitive to rising interest rates, closed 2.51% lower, at 14,806 points.

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“Oh Vid [Banco Central Americano] Increasingly increased tone regarding the need to adjust its monetary policy. “A higher interest rate abroad can raise our interest rate here,” Beck says.

In the interest rate futures market, contracts ended the session with mixed trends: the DI index for January 2023 rose by eight basis points, to 11.94%; DI closed for January 2025 at 11.20; for 2027 by 11.16%; And in January 2029 at 11.27% – all three maturities closed flat.

Closing for the third day in a row, the dollar fell 0.10% to R$5.529 in purchases and R$5.530 in sales. At its highest level today, it reached R$5556 and at its lowest level, R$5501.

European stock exchanges closed mixed as investors digested the latest US inflation data.

  • Euro Stoxx 600: -0.03%
  • DAX (Frankfurt): +0.13%
  • FTSE 100 (London): +0.16%
  • CAC 40 (Paris): -0.50%

Oil prices fell on the international market, in turn.

  • West Texas Intermediate (Fiverero): -0.98% ($81.93)
  • Brent (Marco): -0.57% ($84.19)
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