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Caixa finances the purchase of land and the construction of real estate;  See how to order

Caixa finances the purchase of land and the construction of real estate; See how to order

For those who are looking for their own land and house, can has a line from credit Ideal. With bank financing, you can buy land and build your dream home. Moreover, it is possible to finance only the construction. Below, check out how to order the service.

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Caixa finances the purchase of land and the construction of real estate

If you already own property and would like to finance the purchase of building materials, be sure to check out the Construcard Caixa. Through it, you can enjoy the benefits of the network of connected stores throughout Brazil.

In short, the Caixa Home Loan is provided through the Housing Finance Scheme (SFH) and secured by mortgages. This means that your property is a guarantee of lend.

You can even use the FGTS credit to finance the property, one of the conditions being that the worker has at least 3 years of formal contract. Moreover, the property must be in the same municipality, in neighboring municipalities, or in the same metropolitan area in which you have lived for more than a year. or in the city where you work.

Finally, you can run a simulation and search for the corresponding Caixa, or go to the nearest Caixa branch.

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How do you order?

  1. Simulation: Inform your data and trust the value of the installment, term and other conditions for financing the property;
  2. Do credit analysisSubmitting documents to the bank’s correspondents or to the branch manager. At this point, Caixa will assess the possibilities of using the FGTS and the type of credit most suitable for you.
  3. engineering analysis: After analyzing the documents, Caixa goes to the property to assess the sale value and terms of use.
  4. Signing of the contract: After the engineering evaluation, the contract is signed in Caixa branch. It is necessary to register the contract in the Land Registry to release credit.
  5. Pay in installmentsMonthly: Home loan installments are required to be paid. To do this, count on the ease of debiting your account, or print invoices through the Habitação Caixa website or app.
  6. Manage your finance: If additional money enters your account, write off your outstanding balance. On the other hand, if things go wrong, take a break from paying the premiums. These and other adjustments can be made through Caixa Online Banking, through the website or at your branch.

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