April 24, 2024

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Quem trabalhou em 2021, quando vai receber o PIS/Pasep?

Caixa launches raffles for 10 million people

Currently, there are about 10 million workers who are entitled to withdraw PIS/Pasep. This benefit is intended for citizens who worked on an official contract between 1971 and 1988. In total, there are more than 23 billion R$ available for redemption.

However, it is worth clarifying that the withdrawal of PIS Pasep forgotten by 10 million workers is the shares of the fund. That is, accounts in which each worker had a specific number, and where companies and public bodies deposited amounts related to contributions. So, to learn more and learn how to withdraw the value, check below.

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Caixa launches PIS Pasep withdrawal to 10 million people

Thus, as we have indicated, the shares of the PIS Pasep Fund have nothing to do with the salary bonus. This is an annual benefit that is paid to workers regardless of the year. Payments for the provision are currently being made with the base year 2019 and 2020.

However, in the case of PIS Pasep Fund stakes, it refers only to the work between 1971 and 1988. At that time, companies and public bodies periodically made deposits in a fund in the name of each worker. However, these payments were only made in specific cases, such as retirement, serious illness, or when the worker turned 70.

It has turned out, since then, that many beneficiaries have not yet withdrawn their PIS Pasep stakes. And over the years, they ended up forgetting these values. Now, there is a chance to get the money back. For those who are eligible, the amount is available for withdrawal at any time.

Finally, PIS Pasep Shares are issued to anyone who has worked with an official contract, who was a former government or military employee between 1970 and 4 October 1988. A PIS Pasep Quota Consultation can be done via Request From FGTSAnd the Through the FGTS website And the Online banking cashier (Only for account holders).

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