May 30, 2024

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FGTS: confira a data dos últimos pagamentos do saque extraordinário de até R$ 1 mil

From day (1), people born in October can make an exceptional draw of up to R$1,000

As of Wednesday (first), workers born in October who have a balance in the severance compensation fund (FGTSExceptional withdrawal of up to 1000 Brazilian riyals.

According to Valor Investe, 31.7 million workers born between January and September have already deposited amounts into their digital savings.

About R$30 billion will be released by the end of the schedule, which will cover about 42 million workers with funds in their active (current employment) and inactive (previous employment) accounts. The payment schedule began on April 20 and runs through June 15.

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The only way for an agent to transfer money is through cashier have (available for Android And the iOS). Through it, it is possible to pay bills and virtual purchases, in addition to the ability to withdraw from ATMs and transfer to other people’s accounts.

unusual withdrawal

It is not necessary to request an extraordinary withdrawal, however, workers who refused the emergency withdrawal of the FGTS in 2020 will have to request the release of the amount. To carry out the procedure, it is not necessary to go to a branch, just access the FGTS application (available for Android And the iOS) and fill in the data.

Amounts withheld in FGTS account as security for creditlike Anniversary spoils prediction, will not be available.

Withdrawal is not mandatory, if the worker is not interested, they must report through Caixa Tem or at a Caixa branch. After getting paid, you can request cancellation until November 10, 2022, through the FGTS app.

Payment schedule for new FGTS withdrawal

The calendar dates correspond to the release of the batch, however, everyone will be able to withdraw until December 15. Anyone who has not withdrawn by that date will receive a refund in the fund.

birth month New FGTS withdrawal release date


April 20


April 30


May 4


May 11


May 14


May 18

May 21


May 25


May 28


1st of June


June 8


June 15

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