June 20, 2024

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Casa Verde e Amarela may have good news soon

Casa Verde e Amarela may have good news soon

Gross household income limits have been raised for those who wish to acquire a property through Casa Verde e Amarela

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Last Thursday (7), Board of Trustees FGTS He approved measures to launch the Casa Verde y Amarilla housing program, which was affected by rising costs and declining family income.

ceiling increase

In this way, the gross household income limits were raised for those who wish to acquire property through the housing program. Thus, sub-band 1, whose income is between R$ 2400.00 and R$ 2600.00, increased the ceiling to R$ 3,000. However, the lowest range was maintained at R$ 2400.00.

Above these ranges, the increase in median group values, from R$2600.00 to R$4,000, to R$3,000 to R$4400 per month, was approved. In addition to the high income group, which moved from R$4,000 to R$7,000 to R$4,400 to R$8,000.

“These measures represent progress to improve the condition of those who produce (builders) and to preserve the buying status of the Brazilian citizen who wants to own his property,” said Alfredo Santos, National Secretary of Housing at the Ministry of Regional Development, an online presentation promoted by the Brazilian Chamber of Construction Industry (Cbic).

The procedures are “excellent and help a lot,” said Jose Carlos Martins, president of Cbic.

According to Santos, these measures correspond to an increase of up to 19,000 reais in the financing capacity of families. The rate cuts will be 0.75% and 1.16% in the Casa Verde and Amarilla ranges. Thus, 31% of the program’s portfolio will be covered by interest reductions.

supportive contributor

In addition, changes were approved in the Pró-Cotista program, which targets families not eligible for Casa Verde e Amarela.

According to the secretary, until the end of the year, there will be a reduction in the pro-shareholder interest rate by 1%, remaining at 7.66% per annum, for real estate worth up to 350 thousand Brazilian reais. For properties with higher values, the reduction will be 0.5% to 8.16% per annum. The measures are expected to take effect by July 18.

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