June 12, 2024

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cash begins to be deposited into workers' accounts;  See how you consult

cash begins to be deposited into workers’ accounts; See how you consult

distribution win FGTS It has already started to be made by Caixa Econômica Federal. By the end of August, the banking institution must deposit funds to eligible workers. That is, those who had a positive balance in FGTS accounts (active and inactive) on December 31 of last year. The amount to be deposited has been determined by the FGTS Board of Trustees.

In all, it will be Distribution of approximately 8.1 billion Brazilian riyals workers’ accounts. They should each receive approximately 1.86% more than the amount they had in the FGTS on December 31, 2020. It is worth noting, on the other hand, that earnings deposits follow the same rules as for withdrawals. Funds can be withdrawn under specific conditions.

And what are the files? contexts? Retirement, layoffs, home ownership and/or serious illness. Everyone who has joined the FGTS birthday withdrawal can in turn withdraw the credit within 60 days after the birth month. However, by doing so, workers lose right To receive full payment from the fund in cases of unfair dismissal.

NS Consult the profit amount that have been filed, interested parties can access the official FGTS application (Android NS iOS). Simply enter the platform, inform the CPF of the password, click on “My FGTS”, click on “View Statement” and consult the amount transferred by Caixa. Those who have already received a portion of the FGTS earnings, in this way, will find the description “AC CRED DIST RESULT BASE YEAR 12/2020”.

In general, the distribution It will be 1.83% on the current balance On December 31, 2020 (active and/or inactive accounts). Check out some simulation of the values:

  • Balance of R$2000 in the account: Deposit of R$37.26;
  • R$4000 balance in the account: R$74.52 deposit;
  • R$10,000 balance in the account: R$186.30 deposit;
  • Balance of 20 thousand in the account: Deposit 372.60 Brazilian Real.
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