December 9, 2023

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Everything we already know about the second generation

Everything we already know about the second generation

a little new Hyundai Creta 2022 It was officially unveiled by the manufacturer, following a series of photos and videos to make the hype about the compact SUV. Produced in Piracicaba (SP), the service car promises to maintain a good pace of sales and fight for leadership in the segment, not only design, but also mechanics and equipment list.

It has already been released in several markets such as China (where it is known as the ix25), India and Russia, and many details about the new 2022 Hyundai Creta are not entirely a secret, such as its size, a large part of the design and technology elements. Also, the brand itself has confirmed many things about the SUV, so let’s list everything we already know about the new generation of the car:

Design that will get people talking

As with the current HB20, Crete will spark a lot of discussion about its design. It adopts the dual headlight scheme the South Korean brand has been using in recent versions, with the LED stripe at the top and the main lights down, next to the grille. It’s an identity that giants also use Palisade (the company’s largest SUV) and the new santa fe.

It will be different in the national version. Much of its lines will come from the Russian shape, such as the shape of the grille and taillights, without the illuminated strip passing through the trunk lid. The front grille has a separate air intake at the bottom, simulating the Chinese ix25, but in the opposite place.

Novo Hyundai Creta 2022 - Teaser

The interior is more refined

One of the big changes in the cabin of Crete. The outlines are an evolution of the current car, changing small details to give it a new feel. For example, the finish became with more noble materials beyond mass and lost the part that was below the multimedia. It still has vertical vents on the sides, but the center vents are now horizontal and are above the screen. A redesigned steering wheel helps refresh the interior.

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Novo Hyundai Creta 2022 - Teaser

The images released so far show that it will have a two-tone interior option (in this case, black and white) and the same Russian model (pictured above). The new multimedia center, with a larger screen, enhances the new design. Another change is in the doors, using a different finish on most of the dashboard, rather than just using a different color handle.

New Hyundai Creta 2022 - Thrills

Cars are increasingly equipped. The Volkswagen T-Cross has a digital instrument panel in all versions, the Jeep Renegade is preparing to receive the same screen as the Compass and Nissan Kicks already use an almost complete set with a screen in the more expensive versions. Even the future Fiat Pulse, which will be cheaper, will have an all-digital dashboard in some configurations. Clearly, Krait will follow suit and get a 7-inch screen.

The technology package continues to improve with the addition of the 10.25-inch multimedia center to date, the largest in its class, with the new Bluelink system, which allows the owner to start the vehicle, open the door or view vehicle information via a smartphone. Hyundai has already confirmed other elements, such as adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, blind-spot monitoring with camera, automatic emergency braking, ventilated seats, electronic parking brake with auto-stabilization function and more.

Another similarity with HB20 is in the regeneration formula. Instead of adopting a new platform, Hyundai has reworked the existing chassis coming from the Elantra, changing enough that the company says it’s a new generation. It should follow the measurements of the global version of 4.30 meters in length, 1.79 meters in width and 1.62 meters in height, while the wheelbase grows to 2.61 meters. The current model has a length of 4.27 m and a wheelbase of 2.59 m. The trunk goes from 431 liters to 444 liters.

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Hyundai Crete 2022 (Russia) - Live Photos

Rated Hyundai Crete 2022 by Russia

What doesn’t change that much is the mechanics. The popular 2.0 four-cylinder hood, developing 166 hp and 20.5 kgf of torque, will continue to be equipped with more expensive versions of the 2022 Crete, always combined with a six-speed automatic transmission. This was something that happened in most of the markets where Crete was sold.

The difference will be in the cheaper options, which will give up 1.6 hp with 130 hp and 16.5 kgf per minute. In its place, we’ll see the 1.0-turbo three-cylinder engine featured on the HB20 and HB20S range, generating 120 hp and 17.5 kgf/min. Although it is less powerful, it will make up for the torque delivered earlier. It will also work with a 6-position automatic transmission. Rumors about a 1.4 turbo with 140 hp did not come true. Without the production of this fuel in Brazil, the alternative would be to import, which would significantly increase the price of the car.

Despite the presentation that will take place next Wednesday (August 25), Hyundai itself has said that the Crete 2022 will launch commercially in the “summer of 2021/2022”. In other words, at best, it will be in dealerships in December, and it may appear until March next year if it is late – manufacturers are still dealing with a shortage of semiconductors, which often paralyzes production.

Hyundai Creta 2022

What may be encouraging is that production of the 2022 Hyundai Creta has already begun in Piracicaba, so perhaps the company is working on a pre-sale batch that will be delivered this year. Prices are estimated to start just above R$100,000, going up to R$130,000 on the more expensive versions – the current model costs between R$96,990 and R$118,290.

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Those waiting for Crete will have to deal with the bad news, especially if they like the design of the second generation. Scenes in Asia show Hyundai is already working on an early restyle of the compact SUV, ditching the Palisade design to use the same styling as the new Tucson. In other words, it will have a larger grille that will integrate the headlights into the final buds. The global launch is only expected next year, and because the debut in Brazil is happening around the same time, we should only see these new lines here in 2025.

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