July 19, 2024

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Anita’s father thanks for prayer after suffering a stroke and undergoing surgery: ‘The fight continues’

Anita’s father thanks for prayer after suffering a stroke and undergoing surgery: ‘The fight continues’


Mauro Machado, the father of singer Anita, said he discovered the health problems in a routine consultation.

Mauro Machado underwent surgery to treat cancer
© Reproduction / Instagram @painittoMauro Machado underwent surgery to treat cancer

Mauro Machado thanked singer Anita’s father for the prayers and support he received after undergoing surgery to remove lung cancer.. He is also recovering from a stroke and is still in the hospital.

“I thank everyone who has sent me messages, prayed and prayed and made me a stream of positive energy in this past. But the fight continues. I’m still recovering from the cut surgery,” Mauro, better known by the nickname “Benito”, started in an Instagram post.

Then he thought of being hospitalized. “I am in the hospital. A place to trade energies. In the hospital, she was born, healed, died, and many things were resolved. So, until I get out, I’ll be vigilant.”

Discover in the joint consultation

Mauro also made an announcement: Health problems discovered during a routine visit. He joked at the end of his post, “I got for a routine prostate appointment, had a stroke, found cancer and will have to follow up with other sequels. I’ve never smoked in my life.”

Last week, Anita published a series of mysterious posts in which she indicated that something was wrong with her surroundings. Yesterday (07) she spoke about her father’s condition. “My dad (my best friend) suddenly had a stroke earlier in the week and then things happened really fast. The wonderful Dr. Ludmila Hajjar decided to check not only his brain but his whole body and found lung cancer. We ran fast, she prepared the surgery in two days, and the miracle happened as soon as he arrived The bad news.(Thank God, the Oryxes and all their good prayers and energies), stated on the web.

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