July 19, 2024

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Cayo Ribeiro talks about treatment for lymphoma: the worst is over

Cayo Ribeiro talks about treatment for lymphoma: the worst is over

Caio Ribeiro, commentator for Rede Globo, spoke about treating Hodgkin lymphoma. The former player who The disease was detected in early SeptemberShe said in a statement to Vega magazine that the diagnosis was “a knock in the stomach”, but “the worst is over.”

“I never imagined this could happen,” he said. “I’ve always been doing a lot of physical activity. So, it’s a blow to my stomach pit, mainly because lack of knowledge brings insecurity.”

The commentator said he initially chose not to publish the diagnosis. Only after hair loss due to chemotherapy did he decide to reveal the situation.

“I was so worried about my kids. I asked the doctor if anyone would notice if I didn’t tell them. I don’t like to give bad news, I’m one of the ones to send positive messages. In addition to my family, I just knew the partners, because they were by my side when I got the information.”

“So it was until my hair started falling out and I had to start putting on makeup to hide my flaws. Then I thought it was time to tell Globo. They were given the million mark, and I left it open whether I wanted to make a statement or not. Make a video as smooth and transparent as possible. He cited a video he shared on social media.

Caillou underwent his last chemotherapy on September 21. Now, he’s waiting for the test results to see if the cancer is gone.

The former player also referred to the support he has received since contracting the disease. “I never imagined receiving so much affection, so many letters, so many people putting me in their prayers (…) Illness makes us think, helps us realize the importance of balancing family, friends and career.”

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He concluded, “The worst is over. Out of all of this, Caillou is stronger and more grateful. I’ve always been an optimistic guy and I’m an optimist. I think I’ll be fine.”