May 19, 2024

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Renowned guitarist Sebastião Tabajos dies in Santarem |  Santarem and the region

Renowned guitarist Sebastião Tabajos dies in Santarem | Santarem and the region

Guitarist Sebastiao Pena Marciao, better known as Sebastiao Tabajos, died on Saturday (02) in a private hospital in Santarem, west of Barra, a victim of an acute myocardial infarction. The famous musician in Brazil and Europe was 79 years old.

Sebastião Tabajós’ death leaves a huge gaping hole in the art world, but his musical contribution will be remembered by future generations.

Since the guitarist’s death was confirmed, dozens of expressions of grief have been shared on social media.

Several artworks made by the instruments have resulted in many honors for Sebastião Tapajós, one of which was in November 2013, with the awarding ceremony of the Santarém Doctorate Honoris Causa for Musician, awarded by the Federal University of Western Pará (Ufopa). The event was promoted by the university’s Pro Tempore Council.

In 2018, a group of friends held a tribute at the Casa da Cultura, in Santarém, with the theme “Santarém do Tapajós: Down the River at the Source”. At that time, a local law was signed giving the guitarist a lifetime pension.

In December 2019, the guitarist received a tribute at Alter do Chão, at the opening ceremony of the “Mestre Sebastião” theater, in Cabana do Tapajós, the venue for the events.

This project was honored by the expansion project of the Federal University of Western Barra (Uvuba) “Luzes do Tapajós”.

Music and Legacy Novel

Much of Sebastião Tapajós’ artistic legacy is detailed in the work “Sebastião Tapajós, 50 Years of Artistic Life” by organizer Cristovam Sena, published in 2013.

Some parts of the book talk about the guitarist’s artistic revelation.

Unimed Oeste do Pará reported the death of patient Sebastião Tapajós Pena Marcião that occurred this evening, October 2, at Unimed Hospital, victim of an acute myocardial infarction.

Sebastiao was admitted early in the evening with typical symptoms of a heart attack, including shortness of breath, and was taken to the resuscitation sector, where he stayed for more than 40 minutes, being resuscitated, but to no avail.

The doctors on duty, Dr. Moses Martins and Dr. Everaldo Otuni, testified to his death at 19:30.

Unimed Oeste do Pará deeply regrets the death of artist and musician Sebastião Tapajós and recognizes the legacy left in our culture and history.

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