September 30, 2023

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Zig Zag Arena: Understanding the rules of the competition |  zigzag rink

Zig Zag Arena: Understanding the rules of the competition | zigzag rink

Do you know those games that are part of many people’s childhood and that awaken a sense of nostalgia? Grill, grill and sear, for example. Imagine these era-making classics in super production in a massive arena full of technology, lights and color! This is the meander square, which is an unprecedented formatting program presented by Fernanda Gentile.

The attraction, which kicks off October 3, will welcome participants famous and unknown At this stage inspired by the boards Pinball From the 1980s, groups made up of singers, actors, comedians, presenters, ex-reality participants, and their friends and family would compete with each other. In addition to these, we will also have specialists from various fields of activity, such as doctors, nurses, drivers, waiters, street cleaners, their colleagues and business partners.

Zig Zag Arena – Photo: Globo

Two teams, six participants from each side – three men and three women – face each other in three main challenges. Contestants will need to organize themselves and determine the best strategies in each match to accumulate more points to be champions.

First pictures of “Zigzac Arena” – Photo: Globo

👉 Phase One – Pique Bega

In a plaza of more than 500 square metres, the “fugitives” have 10 seconds to explore the place and try to steal some of the four flags scattered around the scene. Using obstacles, hiding places, a mezzanine, four slides, a rope ladder and other shortcuts, they’ll need to run and hide, and dodge the opposing team to avoid “canceling”. Smart LED jackets, designed specifically for dynamics, indicate when the fugitive is free, when he is caught, and when he is immune. In the immune zones, the participant is guaranteed precious seconds to catch his breath before moving on to the conflict.

Fernanda Gentile runs Zig Zag Arena – Photo: Globo/Joao Cotta

NS Megabol It marks the second stage of the game which is a mixture of basketball, soccer and glowing. Participants face a giant field of 16 trampolines, with a total area of ​​more than 400 square metres, with goalposts and a basket over three and five meters high, respectively.

Both teams must defend their side on the field while trying to score points against the opponent. Each goal equals one point and each basket two points. When a team makes three fouls, the ‘penalty’ is taken – and that’s where burnout comes in. In a singles match, the player who was last fouled has a 30-second chance to “burn” the player who made the foul. If they do it correctly, the team wins another three points. Detail: The Megaball can be launched at any time during the match and is worth five points either in goal or in a basket.

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Fernanda Gentile invites you to enjoy the Zig Zag Stadium – Photo: Globo / Joao Cotta

👉 Phase Three – All or Nothing

The third and final challenge, all or nothing, set in a huge three-story structure, inspired by a magic cube. Inside, three slats connect the floors together, as well as a labyrinth and automatic doors, which close when buttons are pressed.

The team with the most points will be able to choose whether they prefer to be “Pegadora” or “Runaway”. The goal is one: Three fugitives have one minute to run hard and escape from two catchers. They will need to dodge obstacles, revolving doors, slides, ladders, and punching bags, as well as a maze, fire tube and automatic doors that close at the touch of a button. If the three fugitives are captured, the “catcher” team wins. But if any of the fugitives manages to escape from the catcher in time, he guarantees victory for his team. In the end, the winners are guaranteed, in addition to the title of champion, a prize of 30 thousand Brazilian reais.

In Zig Zag Arena, games are like sports. And for this, in addition to professional judges attentive to any possible shortage, a team of equals has been selected to complete the team: Everaldo Marques, the narrator of Esporte da Globo, will be responsible for monitoring every movement and transmission, with all his charisma, the energy of competitors at his side, the player will take over Hortência and humorist Marco Locke responsible for commenting on the best moments, with an attentive look and a very good mood.

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Marco Locke, Everaldo Marques and Hortensia – Photo: Joao Cotta/Globo

🙋‍♂️🙋 pawn patch

Celebrities and unknowns have been chosen to enjoy this amazing game. Groups made up of singers, actors, comedians, presenters, ex-reality participants and their friends and family will compete with each other on Sunday afternoon at the Zig Zag Arena. In addition to celebrities, Fernanda Gentile will also welcome anonymous professionals from different regions to play in this giant board. PinballSuch as doctors, nurses, drivers, waiters, street cleaners, their colleagues and business partners.

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