October 1, 2023

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Dance of the Famous has a leaked list of participants and Globo rebels and is taking action

Dance of the Famous has a leaked list of participants and Globo rebels and is taking action

cast famous dance It was kept a secret by Globo, who revealed only a few names. But the list with the rest Participants dropped out of Domingão’s attraction with Huck. Whoever committed the slip was Géssica Kayane, owner of JKAYwho was reprimanded.

In a video posted to her Instagram Stories profile, the influencer appeared behind the scenes in Domingão with Huck. Then she said who would be in the star dance. Officially, the revelation will take place next Sunday (27).

famous actors dance

Gkay has featured unreleased Globo characters that remain a mystery. In the pictures, the volleyball player appeared Douglas SouzaAnd the Anna FurtadoAnd the Zizi PoliceAnd the Vitau and samba dancer Zande de Pilares.

After the names were leaked, the influencer deleted the videos and revealed that she was reprimanded by Globo. The first day at the station, I already took Beto I had to delete all the stories”She said. But it was too late. By this time, the photos were already circulating on Instagram gossip profiles.

2022 version

Globo has gradually announced some of the names on the Dança dos Famosos squad. Among the personalities, singer Jojo Todinho, who did not hide her enthusiasm.

“I hope to cross all my limits and surprise people. What a challenge! I’m not training yet, just doing pre-dance care, like physiotherapy and sanitation. I hope to discover the jojo I don’t know yet.”The funk girl said.

“When I was a kid, I wanted to do ballet, but because I had so much energy, I ended up doing wrestling. It will be a historic moment in my life because I will fulfill the dream of dancing. And it will be overcoming. I am ready!”She said.

“I am very excited about this challenge. Learning a new dance style every week will not be easy, but I will put in a lot of effort. I am like that when I start any project in my life. And I want to enjoy the process too. Dancing is very good for the soul! It brings joy and lightness.” …to dance has that power inside of me. I was a gymnast and did dance too, and I miss dancing, even completely new rhythms for me! I’m excited and anxious and can’t wait to get started.”Vitoria Strada announced.

Gilberto Nogueira’s former BBB, Gil do Vigor, is also confirmed as the attraction. “I’ve always been watching Dança dos Famosos and imagining myself there dancing on stage too. Now I’m going to take part in painting and it’s another dream to fulfill. Dancing is one of the most beautiful artistic expressions. It’s liberating, without labels, it makes us laugh and it makes us emotional”He said.

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Program changes

A Dança dos Famosos 2022, the first under the leadership of Luciano Huck, will have changes. The new jury will consist of three permanent judges and two guest celebrities each week.

The team of teachers promises to be outstanding, bringing names already known to the public. In addition, the competition will have a realistic aspect that shows more details about the exercises and behind the scenes of the programme.

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