November 30, 2023

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Changes in food stamps worry companies;  Understand the reasons

Changes in food stamps worry companies; Understand the reasons

New framework worries companies Of the benefits, in addition to companies In the food sector, where the rules for food coupons and food stamps are being studied for changes. according to Representative associations, changes may harm the Workers’ Food Program (PAT).

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Impact of changes to food coupons

With this change, the worker can use credit To buy live streaming services, alcoholic beverages and even to pay bills. This method became very popular in the epidemic, as many workers were in home offices, and thus reduced consumption of this amount in restaurants.

If the feature is released for other purposes, restaurants fear a drop in revenue. According to Abracel, coupons account for up to 90% of small business sales.

Jessica Srour, Director of the Brazilian Association of Workers’ Benefit Companies (ABBT), explains: “The assistance should have been organized and included in the workers’ food program. But that has not happened until today!”

On the other hand, says Eduardo Del Giglio, CEO and co-founder of Caju (a startup born with a proposal to bring innovation to the corporate benefits market): “The changes remove the entry barrier and reward the game for us.”

“Previously, choosing a company was an advantage for purely financial reasons. Now, the experience of the worker will start to be relevant,” adds Giglio.

The decree that removes the complexities of business rules and updates the PAT ends one of the main tools that food stamp issuers use to retain customers and keep smaller competitors out: the discount, similar to Cashback.

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The regulation also ends closed arrangements that make the food stamp card acceptable only at registered establishments.

Changes to PAT also expand the registration criteria for establishments that can accept voucher payments, which previously excluded food trucks and restaurants that only offered delivery times.

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